Morning Ricky

Morning ricky :P I cannot move well and galaniomama had to move cosmos furniture in her new digs yesterday...the couch would not fit through the door me and galaniomama had to lift it and carry it around to each the opening we could find until we made it fit through one
Rick van Opbergen
Oh, so a lot of backpain now I assume? That's not good! Are you able to make breakfast? I'm a bit .. tired ... went out with some friends yesterday ... had a great time ... didn't even drink that much beer ... but it was on an empty stomach ... I felt so weird when I bicycled back to my home ... :P
No my back is fine, I have never had any problems with my back. No my arms are sore...maybe it was the arm wrestling with galaniomama, I dunno...but I think it was lifting that couch and moving it did not help when galaniomama kept dropping her end it was an ordeal, we needed to go shopping to recover :P I am glad to hear you ride a bike when you are drunk instead of driving a car. Did you feel weird because maybe you saw ET crash land? :P
Rick van Opbergen
I don't even have my driver's license (yet), and hey, I wasn't drunk, just felt a little light in the head ... and happy ... ... Well I didn't see an ET crash, but I did make a bet with a friend that he would get five euros if he was able to hit on a 35-year old woman in the pub ... coward ... he didn't want to ...
hit as in make a pass? or hit has with a club :P
Rick van Opbergen
no, not with a club! I'm not a hooligan ... as in: make a pass ...
lol: I already figured out you are not hooligan...maybe your friend should watch the cult film harry and maude :P he might find his courage. Don't ask me to explain I have to go and eat now. just google the will get my meaning :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
OK I'll do that ... have a nice ... breakfast
yes it was nice, cherrios with sliced bananas :P Now I will think about lunch :P
Rick van Opbergen
And, any idea what you'll have for lunch?
Morning ricky :P how are things going? I can only type a minute JD dream is after me......mwaaahahahahahaahaahahahhahahahah
grgrgrgr....JD dream I am gonna get you, you woke me up this morning ringing my doorbell, the messenger doorbell that is Now I am gonna give her a good spanking...with a paddle....where is she...riding in forum games....mwaaahahahahahhahahahahahahhah
*hides behind Ricky* Tell me what to do peapod.. ANYTHING.. Just don't hurt me ..
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, I'm not involved in this ... I don't want any spanking ... that is, not under these circumstances ...
What circumstances would you find it acceptable :P the spanking I mean. :P
Rick van Opbergen
no comment!
good answer. what else is new?
Rick van Opbergen
not muchos ... a bit tired ... I didn't have much sleep last night, and I had to go out of bed around 6:00 ... oh and I still have to buy something for my "travelbuddy" ... tomorrow is her birthday ...
Well that awful nice of you ricky. Maybe you should offer her a paddle :P mwaaahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahhhahahah
Rick van Opbergen
neh, I was thinking of a pack of mueslibars ...
how sweet you are thinking about her health. That is very thoughtful of you.
Rick van Opbergen
ehm yea ... I actually thought of it because she just loves mueslibars ... but I like your reason better
Rick van Opbergen
But in fact, I don't have a clue what to buy for her ... I just know her for two months now ... I mean, we meet in the train and in the bus ...
Reverend Blair
I spent some time in a muffler shop the other day, Rick. My recommendation is that you get her one of those big mufflers the kids are putting on the back of their cars now. There was a kid there getting one installed and he looked like he was gonna go off in his pants, so it must be the best gift ever.

Okay, I suck at buying gifts. I've managed to stay married for fifteen years though, so try this: Sit back in your chair, take a long sip of beer, and try to remember something she was looking at in a shop or something she said she liked.
It just struck me that the rev reminds of jesse james the guy on monster garage :P do you have lot of tatoos rev?
Rick van Opbergen
Hey she's just a friend, I've never experienced her when she went out shopping ... OK once, she wanted to buy shoes ... I'm not buying shoes for her ... she does like to go to the movies ... hmmm ...
wooden shoe? that is getting serious :P give her the it a day...I have seen how you dig yourself big holes :P
Rick van Opbergen
haha! yea she didn't even expect me to give her a gift, but I sort of said I would ...
See what I mean about digging yourself a hole :P

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