Morning Ricky

Rick van Opbergen
Neh .... no trick-or-treaters here .... what was kinda funny though, when I was walking the dog, I walked through a nearby forest, and suddenly the moon disappeared behind the clouds ... not so special, was it not that I heard a sound behind me ... suddenly a dog came walking by, no owner, nothing, he walked with me for like 100 metres, and than he left again ... weird ...
Rick van Opbergen
And how was your Halloween? Scared a lot of people? :P
heheheh I noticed that weird look on your face when I walked was halloween after all....mwaaahahahahahhahahahahaha
Rick van Opbergen
You decided to fly with your broom from Canada all way to the Netherlands just to scare me? (...) I'm touched!
yes and it was faster and cleaner than the concord :P I also paid JD a visit. Did something strange also happen to you last night JD. Your dog was cute. I can only morph into somebody else for short periods of time, so I could not stay and really scare you, else you might have known twas me. :P Hey how do you like my avatar?
Rick van Opbergen
Cool! You got the avatar from Paranoid Dot ehm Calm right?
Yes it is. I love it...I am gonna keep it for awhile. Maybe I will print some off or make badges.:P
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, I want one! I'll pay for it! Gimme gimme gimme!
Well since its an avatar, feel free to print some up your self. Spread peapod around holland. I should change my name tho, they will think I am some kind of soup :P
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, I'll start a peapod fanclub! You're gonna be famous on this side of the pond peapod!
someone will put a bounty on my head, so forget it :P I gotta big mouth. :P
Rick van Opbergen
nah, you aint got a big mouth ... you have a clear opinion ... oh you are pointing at the murder on Van Gogh right?
Dam that little monkey that is your avatar is cute :P
Rick van Opbergen
what? me? *now look at my avatar real hard *
yup, he is a hearbreaker :P Now I gotta go do some work catch you later little monkey :P
Rick van Opbergen
OK see you later 'gator.
Morning ricky :P you are up to 16 pages of your own thread :P you are the king now :P So whats new since yesterday? God it looks like bush is in.
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah a know for the rest, things are not so OK, I dunno why but I have an enormous pain in my back, it's almost unbearable, already took something to surpress it but it doesn't seem to be helping ...
You are pretty young to throw your back out you are gonna need it for quite awhile You better see the doctor. In in your pain you are compelled to come see us :P
Rick van Opbergen
Haha hmmm well maybe, but I do think I know the cause, I watched the US elections in bed until 2:30 in the morning here (which is ehm 17:30 or so in BC), and I sat really uncomfortable (for two hours that is), my own bad, and now I have to pay for it ...
I am telling you I cannot stand looking at your monkey, he is so dam cute. He could put anybody in a good mood :P Maybe you could find somebody to walk on your back, I have heard this works. Make sure they take their shoes off first :P Hey check out that website I gave to undergrandnitz in his thread. Its the last post, I think undergradnitz will go nuts, as this type of thing is a big interest to him, as is racoons on the railroad tracks. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm OK I'll watch it ... and people walking on my back? Are you sure that will work?
Morning ricky :P I over slept, missed you and JD dream this morning. Where you been? did not see you around yesterday were you playing bridge with fubbleskag. :P watch out, he is clever and a trickster. :P So what you have for breakfast? banana smoothie.
Rick van Opbergen
I wasn't around yesterday, busy day, exams etc. ... didn't know that fubbleskag plays bridge ... what I had for breakfast? noodles! yea I had this urge for noodles ...
Hey ricky :P check out my new avatar :P
Rick van Opbergen
that's AWESOME!
ya, its me chasing you and JD dream. :P
Rick van Opbergen
you mean "chasing JDream". I'm just watching you two fighting about me
Whoa.....JD dream and I are not fighting over you :P I never never turn on a sister over a man. You are all hers :P
Rick van Opbergen
Denial :P

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