Morning Ricky

Rick van Opbergen
you ever been to chinatown, vancouver? looks nice.
ugly well sorry but I grew up in the uglyist town...Port Alberni. Its very ugly...but the folks are awesome...and the scenery is beautiful...but the town itself is keeps outsiders from wanting to move in...there is a plan behind the ugly :P Well soon I will have to do some work around here...God I have the most boring job going....I am just to fast...but every now and than someone drops by and we do a little dancing :P
Rick van Opbergen
have to go too ... time for supper ... good luck with your work...
Ya...goodnight little clogger...I am still killing myself laughing about the professor...see you in the moro :P
Rick van Opbergen
hehehe already back, thought I had to walk with the dog, but my sister offered to walk with him ... so here I am! :P
Oh now I am really are back...and so is my king :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
first the female travelbuddy, now you calling me a king ... poor JDream ...
Ah Ricky your avatar is just the cutest :P
Rick van Opbergen
It's a babyphoto ... and yes, my mom fainted when she first saw me two minutes after I was born ... but they have grown into accepting it...
Rick van Opbergen
anyway, I'm outta here, it's 23:50, have to be up early again tomorrow - busy day: first I have to work, than immediately visit a good friend, and after that off to a restaurant where I will have a good time with my friends, and after that: PARTYING!
Wow, with 100 replies you are officially "loved" around here, Rick.
Rick van Opbergen
I know, I know ... it's hard ...
ummmmmm Ricky that could be taken the wrong way :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
Aha ... just came home by the way, it's 3:00 in the morning now, wanted to stay longer in the pub but people wanted to go home ... but I'm really full of energy at the moment, no way I can sleep right now ...
Rick van Opbergen
going to bed now ... it's almost 4:00 ... see you all in tomorrow (for me, today ... not?) ... tot ziens ...
Morning Ricky are you hungover this morning? whats for breakfast?
Rick van Opbergen
no hangover here ... only had some red wodka, for the rest no alcohol ... I had my breakfast around 13:00 (it's over 16:00 here now) ... just the normal, slieces of bread with cheese and black pepper (run out of sambal) ... what about you? I've read some thirty year old guy tried to flirt with you ...
thirty eh? speaking of sambal, I saw some in the grocery store yesterday and bought some oh it is so hot! wakes you up. I like to add a bit to sauces. What is red vodka?
Reverend Blair

What is red vodka?

I'm just guessing, but I'll venture that it is vodka with a red colour to it.

You need to eat a better breakfast, Ricky. I'm having a great chunk of garlic deer sausage, deep-fried potatoes, 3 eggs, and a beer. I love Sunday breakfasts.
Rick van Opbergen
Red vodka is ... well red vodka! (wrote wodka, that's the Dutch way of writing it, not important ...)

I like spicey foods!!! and why are you laughing about thirty? was he twenty years old than?
Rick van Opbergen
well normally we have a good Sunday breakfast too Reverend, but I awoke around 12:00 ... bit late ... so no big breakfast for me ....
Oh I see its a red label. You can see the rev eats a real canadian breakfast he probally killed the deer himself for the sausages
i have a friend that buys vodka and dumps into a jar and puts smoked salmon in it for a few weeks and than strains it and uses if for ceasar drinks....people go crazy over it.
Did I say 30? oh I meet 83
Rick van Opbergen
beer for breakfast ... gotta love it ... 83 peapod? you like older men? *sigh, throws away valentine's card*
well ok how about anything under twenty and over 15 that way I will not have to include undergrandnitz :P Ricky I have a little site that I go to that I just write a little story and hit the button and it gets turned into a kinda like my naughty bits story I just wrote the following story.

One night a little dutch boy and his friends went out on the town to have some fun, he ran into a red baron and had to fight his way home. The little wooden boy won the day and returned home a real hero.
when I hit the button this is returned to me:

The mystic balance is threatened by a time-travelling scientist that controls a secret city and a legion of mercenaries.

Our heroes are a group of auto mechanics, led by a powerful god. Drawing their powers from a dangerous process, can they save the day? Political machinations make life even more complicated.
Rick van Opbergen
weird .... and since when am I a "little" dutch boy ... me tarzan, me big boy!
Me Jane bring the cute monkey with you
Rick van Opbergen
cool huh! ... his name is Victorius Emmanuel Fernandéz de la Hoya - van Bruynswijck ... but you can call him Ape ...
Well you know I shorten long names ricky, so I will call him Sebastian March :P
You are going to dinner now, but this is the breakfast thread you are gonna get in trouble, posting your nonsense in the wrong thread :P I am going to starbucks for a lattie and a jest Have a nice breakdinner ricky, catch you later
Reverend Blair

You can see the rev eats a real canadian breakfast Laughing he probally killed the deer himself for the sausages Laughing

Nah, I'm not a hunter...I just act really nice when any hunter I know has meat in their freezer. That's doubly true with this's a wonderful thing.

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