Morning Ricky

ehm...I guess it was early like around 6...maybe leaf blowers look like shotguns in the early morning light of underground parking. But your imagination does tend to run a bit wild in a underground parking lot :P

Christmas stories...ehm...lets see...well everybody looked bagged out and tired. Many were depressed by the thought of their visa bills arriving at the end of the month. :P I saw aupook, and he was on his way over to see his mother, which he does everyday, as staying in the will is at the top of his to do list :P Mostly everyone whined about how broke they were now. Everyone seemed very glad it was all over. Ya I had two latties, and I didn't have to pay for either one.
Rick van Opbergen
Haha yeah the bill at the end of December ... luckily that I have won a price in the lottery not so long ago :P But hey, it isn't about the money, it's about the thought that counts eh? ... And ehm why did you get the two latties for free? Is it the elf?
Ehm...well I guess I am popular after not being around for a few days. Just one of the perks of being a jester :P
I almost hurled the latties tho I went into the grocery store to get some milk. Its like a big dairy case, well I went to grab my milk. And unknown to me, one of those grocery boys was in there behind the the dairy case stocking it. Well when I grabbed my milk a hand came out and grabbed mine. Well since I was not expecting to see a hand come out of where I just grabbed my milk, I was could say surprised :P It was that nasty rug rat dave pederman. The boy is honestly a brick short of a load. He had a hard time getting his hand back to :P
Rick van Opbergen
You didn't break his hand did you? But you did kick his *** afterwards eh? :P But ehm how are you peapod, anything interesting to share with us today? What did you have for breakfast, for example?
Morning Ricky :P no I didn't break the rugrats hand :P payback will come later, after I think of something. :P I did hang on to his hand tho and did my best nanny laugh. :P hehehehehhehehehehehehe! drove him nuts!
Right now I am not eating anything, I am making a turkey sandwich :P to take fishing with me. I have some friends from Port Alberni visiting, we are going out fishing and exploring for the day, what about you? whats new? what are you doing today. You do know that is someones birthday tomarrow.....better not forget
Rick van Opbergen
Yes, today is JDream's birthday! And my congratulations have been rather late Yesterday one my friends celebrated his birthday, and it was a long night ... hope at 4:30 ... had to be awake at 10:30, another friend was coming over (he was smart enought to leave the party around 1:00, but than again, he had to wake up around 9:00) so I didn't have a choice ... I don't feel tired though ... but I was kinda busy ... so how was your fishing yesterday?
ahhh *** I had just caught a "big one" but than I woke up :P More bouncing around a zodiac than fishing yesterday ricky :P Now I gotta backgammon hangover. :P I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed coffee.
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm OK enjoy your hangover enjoy your latties! But have you not even caught one fish?
ehm...dam you are fast on the replies....I am trying to get a coffee going here. Quit talking about "fish" no I did not catch any except a big old jellyfish...andy you? hangover after your party....ehm.....I wanna see victorious first thing in the morning....what have you done to him?????????
Rick van Opbergen
No hangover here, I can handle alcohol ... and ehm we ran out of beer ... And don't you like my new avatar? Victorius is finito, he's on a vacation for some weeks so stop whining :P
#551 calling me a whiner easy to say when you live across the pond :P come over here and say that :P And ehm sorry but victorious was my favorite avartar At last I begin to feel the "bug juice" is now flowing through my nervous system....everything is right with the world
Rick van Opbergen
Haha, OK am I on a deathlist now? :P Always wanted to have a price on my head ... Anyway, I've searched for Victorius on the Internet, but he is unfindable ... he's currently in an identity-crisis and burnt all of his pictures ... very tragic.
ehm...whats even more tragic is you trying to sell me that story :P How are you doing ricky? Did the mail get through yesterday? anyone unfindable?
Yo,yo, yo, Peapod and Ricky,
If I am not interupting, I drove by the little, Italian motorcycle store, yesterday and thought of you, Peapod. I tried to remember the name of them, but ehm..cannot. Starts with a V,howeveer. Are you 2 spelling Lattes wrong on purpose? Here, in Seattle, where coffee is Queen, we are serious about the terms and conditions regarding coffee. Do you have sun up there in Victoria, now, Peapod because we got it here. I feel like a mole.
I cannot wait to come for a visit. Zen hasn't been back to Canada since we went to Wnpg 3 years ago. And even though we have many beautiful Botanicle Gardens here that are not tourist traps, he wants to see Victoria from a closer view than Port Townsend across the Straight of Juan de Fuca. Go figure.
We will bring you Seattle coffee, (beans or ground?), and Dillittant Chocolate and my better than Mom's Bunnypants Cookies. O.K?
Do you always have a dialog with each other every morning? It is sweet.
See you later if the sun isn't too blinding.
XXXOX, Edgerunner
Yo, yo yo edge, and you are not interupting..since I seem to be talking to myself lately in the morning ricky thread :P bunnypants cookies :P I am stealing that name for my next batch of cookies I love it!
Port townsend, oh I could tell you a story about a adventure that I had there sand castle building weekend...ehm...I will save it for your visit.
Ehm....are you trying to start something with the garden remark :P everyone knows that this is lotusland...we got the best gardens around, we got so much sunshine here today, that we decided to send some down to seattle We are generous that way in lotusland. Hey can you grow olives down there...ehm I don't think about bananas...ehm I don't think so...hey we got palm trees here...I show you when you visit.

Galaniomama and I look forward to you and zen visiting us, bring lots of bunnypants cookies :P
hey - i want those bunnypant cookies. i LOVE that name!!! please give us recipe and we will try to duplicate. i am going home now, there is nothing to do here. that's what i love about the island. any excuse not to work. there is no one downtown, everyone has taken the day i will too!!!
Ya lets make some bunnypants cookies throw in a handful of herbs :P woot woot we will be hopping around than....ehm...maybe not.....bunnypants...its "ours" now edge. How come nobody is working today, I am gonna take the rest of the day off to...I am going on island time to....I got so much bank time I could take a year off and still get paid ....I am going home and make some bunnypants cookies
How did you get the secret recipe for "Bunnypants Cookies"?
The recipe has been vaulted due to extreme security issues that appear vital to the health and well-being of North America. I
was granted immunity to confidentiality proceedures due to the fact that I, a premier Bio-Chemist, created the components and protocal necessary to establish the positive protection power inate in all and any "Bunnypants" protective devices.
You must have the recipe for a less effective variation or ill-nominclated version of the protected original, which I plan on bringing to you upon visitation.
I hope thatv I have not rained upon your parade, or anything.
Knowing that ignorance is bliss, you should proceed with the inferior product, just the same. Knowing, in your heart of hearts, that if you put Love into them, your version of the real "BunnypaNTS cOOKIES" Will at least taste the same.
I hope that I have not projected myself as 'lofty' or 'beyond'[,
My guarded and secretive position occasionally goes to my head.
In all a ctua lity, I'm just your average gal. Ahem..Please forgive and forget this entire post. O.K., dude?
Did this nice sunshine get up your way as of yet?
Hope you can find those cool shades of yours.
XXXOXXXOX, Edgerunner
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, "my" thread is getting hijacked !
Not really, Ricky,
It is a fact that quality female bonding most always includes vanilla. As quiality male bonding most always includes the "F"
I appologise that you were feeling butted out, but I was mearly setting Peapod straight on the "Bunnypants" issue. If you look back at the beginning, I voiced that I was just interrupting for a sec, not word-jacking.
I got a bit more wordy than planned and for that, I wish to appologise.
Hope I didnn't screw up your morning.
XXXOXXXOX, Edgerunner
It is a fact that quality female bonding most always includes vanilla. As quiality male bonding most always includes the "F"

wow! that really cracked me up edge..that was to funny, hey your comedian just what we need more of :P are from the pacfic northwest so this might explain your sense of humor

I got my own version of bunnypants cookies, handed down from someone known as nugglekins.
Rick van Opbergen
Well Edgerunner, I actually have no real problems with the hijacking of ones thread, taking in consideration that I'm not the one in the position to "claim" this thread (only Andem and other moderators can ), but you are talking about BUNNYPANT COOKIES!

No further comment.

I'm now off walking with the dog, and I'm gonna ponder about what the meaning of life is now Ricky's thread has become the place of exchanging bunnypant cookies recipes *stumbles out of the frontdoor*
Just so you know mr. gouda, I am scorning the internet looking for victorious so I can rescue him. Once I find him, he stays with me
Rick van Opbergen
What?! You know, he's still my pet, so I can claim him whenever I want broahahahaha!
Rick van Opbergen
Yesterday I received this vacation pic by the way. He told me there was a fierce storm back there in Borneo, lot of wind, lots of rain etc.

See now you went and made my morning :P I made some bunnypants cookies for victorious once I rescue him. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Bunnypant cookies eh? ... *stumbles out of the frontdoor* *runs back* *grabs the dog* *puts him a leash on* *stumbles out of the frontdoor again, with the dog this time*
I hope that they came out yummy, peapod. And remember to pay attention when you cross the street with your doggie, Rick.
ehm..I wonder if the sweet beagle will end up with victorious somewhere :P
The bunnypants cookies turned yummy, galaniomama and I will will eat them at the show tonight. Jim carey...Woo hoo

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