Morning Ricky

Good idea, I will have all the young girls at the grocery store waiting to be your tour guide. I will be the chaprone once they see victorious, they will be putty in your hands. Bring lots of cheese, gouda please

Why does my screen turn pink sometimes
Uh oh...
I had the same problem before. I finally had to get rid of it.

I kinda miss my old magenta screen - the world looked a lot rosier in those days.....
usualy is a cannon miss firin or not workin have u tryed degaussing it?
Sorry 007 you are talking spy talk to me, I know nothing about fixing computers.
yours truly,
Miss Moneypenny
ah its fine money i can explain it another way
but its a lot longer and more complicaded so forget it
Ya, I would rather talk about hot wheels :P I got cosmos to fix my computer problems anyway...but thanks for trying to help, it only goes pink sometimes..where is ricky this morning?
i donno
Rick van Opbergen
I'm here Only it's not morning here ... already evening ... I spend my day making this project *sigh* so how are you peapod? And how are you, sj007?
hey rick
hey Ricky :P :P I got something for yea Two cute girls saying hi to you, we will have to wait for cosmos to put it in the photo album. She took it yesterday with her camera....They say when you come they will be your tour guide :P
Rick van Opbergen
OK that's great ... so where's the pic ... wanna, wanna, wanna :P
and i can guide u around mlt and be ur translator
Rick van Opbergen
You mean, to translate all the French. OK, that's cool
hehehehe have to wait for comos to appear, she is a late sleeper. Don't worry you will get the picture :P look now you got someone who will guide you in quebec...soon it won't cost you anything to come to canada
Rick van Opbergen
Hehehehe ... you know, I would be great to meet y'all, seriously, only I actually had the idea of going to Alabama, USA, next summer, to meet a female friend I met last summer in Rome ... but hey, I can always change my mind
yea we can strap u to a canada goose and ull be here in no time
good one 007
well the do migrate no?
Rick van Opbergen
Hmmm okay
i think it will work how bout u pea?
you keep coming back ricky :P what are you looking for :P the pictures :P alright I will go and call comos and tell her get out of bed, ricky wants his photo.
Rick van Opbergen
Haha no it's just that I have other things to do too, I'm really bad, it's 21:00 now and I haven't finished the project yet (which I have to finish before tomorrow), I just don't feel like finishing it *sigh*
i never fell like finishing projects man
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, it's hard isn't it?
Haggis McBagpipe
A good quote that I heard long ago: "I love the whooshing sound that deadlines make as they fly past."
Rick van Opbergen
Good one Haggis!
Rick van Opbergen
2. Opvattingen over onderzoek

Opdracht 2.1

WIL-project: Ten eerste is dit onderzoek nomothetisch: de onderzoekers willen uit de verzamelde gegevens van dit onderzoek bepaalde regelmatigheden bevinden, zodat zij die kunnen uittrekken over de gehele groep (bijvoorbeeld tienermeisjes). Ten tweede wordt er van enquêtes gebruik gemaakt in dit onderzoek. Enquêtes gelden als een van de favoriete onderzoeksmethoden van het empirisch-analytisch onderzoek. En als derde argument waarom hier sprake is van een empirisch-analytisch onderzoek is vanwege het observerende karakter van het onderzoek: de onderzochte groep wordt “op afstand” bekeken; de onderzoekers zoeken bijvoorbeeld geen persoonlijke toenadering tot de onderzochten.
Werther-effect: Net zoals het WIL-project is het onderzoek naar het Werther-effect nomothetisch: de leider van het onderzoek, David P. Phillips, probeert uit zijn verzamelde gegevens een bepaalde regelmatigheid te verkrijgen. Daarnaast gaat hij over tot een empirische toetsing in zijn onderzoek: hij verzamelt zelf de gegevens die hij nodig heeft aan de hand van eigen observaties in verschillende soorten media….

Opdracht 2.2

Machtsrelaties tussen mannen en vrouwen:

Een tijd zonder werk:

I have to finish the last part *sigh*
great i dont understand a thing
Rick van Opbergen
Hehehehe ....
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by Rick van Opbergen

:lol: Good one Haggis!

8-) I live by that rule, Rick, and am mostly deaf, too, from all that loud whooshing over the years.

Since I can't read a word of your essay, I'd have to say it looks pretty complete to me. I'll give you an A+.

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