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I live in a small western town and there is a local discusion on what to do with our local homeless man.
He lives in a wooded area at the moment but in the winter months he has spent his time in a local hotel but they are no longer going to take him in due to his poor hygene and living habbits. They are talking about putting him in a trailer for the winter but my thing is that The only problem with this is that he has managed to burn down the last three structures he has lived in so he is just more then likely going to burn down this one also. And every time he starts a fire he endangers not only his own life but the lives of the firefighters that respond to the fire.

I myself feel that he should be placed in a care home were there are some rules and he can be cleaned up and kept straight from booze. But there are people here who think that he is still capable of living on his own and think he should be able to make his own choices.
I am curious as to what people here think that should be done with him. Other then have him play in traffic which has crossed my mind.
Although play in traffic may be a good idea, he should probably get an assessment to see what his current mental condition is. I honestly think if his mental condition is 'below average' he should be put into a detox center where he can kick the drinking, etc and maybe reform himself a little better to live in society.

Society never likes seeing people like that, but I assure you there are literally millions of them. Its a sad fact, there is enough money in this world so that no one would ever go homeless or without food, but no one wants to help these people out. Im sure if they were in his condition they'd be bitching for help too...
Right on shmad.

Homeless people should be taken out of society and only returned when they are harmless to the public and harmless to themselves... Maybe he's a pyromaniac?

Maybe he's a pyromaniac?

no don't really think that he is, what he is is a drunk that is no longer able to have rational thoughts most of the time. The problem is the empty headed people who asses people in his condition feel that he is totally capable of holding down employment and now have decided to remove what little funding that he has. So now not only will he be homeless but he will now not be able to aford to feed himself.

I do agree with you shmad on the fact that he needs to be put into some kind of a program to dry out. I am not sure if this has been attempted or not. The only problem I see with that is in all rehab programs a person has to want to get better for it to have any success and I know that this man is very happy living the life that he is and has no plans of changing.

He has been placed in some of the shelters in the city and within a day he is on the road hich hiking back here with a box of beer or a little brown bag. It would be easy if this man was asking for help but he is not he is happy the way that he is. It is the public that is not happy with him urinating on the side of the street across from the elementary school and such things as that.
Well just think, ages and ages ago everyone was like that, society was created so people could be happy and look down upon others. At least thats my view on society anyways..

If he doesnt want help then nothing can be done for him, although it is quite sad with them cutting his funding so he cant get food.. it will probably cause him to resort to crime to survive and in the end he will most likely end up in KRCC and get some help for a few years.
If that was to happen I think that it would be the best for all invovled.
Why not just let him be, he's obviously happy with his way of life if hes been doing it for over 10 years and hasnt tried to change it.

Why not just let him be, he's obviously happy with his way of life if hes been doing it for over 10 years and hasnt tried to change it.

That would be great other then for a couple of reasons.
1. He has managed to start three fairly major fires in his attemp at cooking while drunk, and sooner or later he is going to end up hurting himself or worse yet someone else or at the least burning down someones homes or property.
2. He does not have a problem with relieving himself on the side of the road. This being no matter were he is. The last time I seen him doing this was across from the elementary school. Now do you want your childeren exposed to this kind of thing.
3. We have some empty heads here that just feel that life is not normal unless they have there face in it and they think that they are going to solve all this guys problems and ours as well.

So the bottom line is that something has to be done about this fellow it just seems that nobody really knows what to do about it.
Wow where you live sure sounds like it has a lot of pricks!
Well if you must not have childeren then because I don't think that you would think that some of these people are pricks if you were the one that got to hear about this old man exposing himself to pee in front of the school from your daughter.
Or notice him having a crap off the side of the road when you are on your way up to get the mail.
On your way to get the mail? Where do you live in the middle of nowhere?
yes pretty much we do. a town of 3000. you city people get spoiled with such things. :P
One homeless man. Geez, only if my city was like that! Since Campbells cuts my neighborhood has been taken over by the homeless, the hungry, and drug dealers and addicts. The police try their best but the courts, detox centres, mental health units, hospitals, community centres and legal aid have been slashed, so out onto the streets they go, yet again, and again...

Just to think that a small hic -up in the economy will turn hundreds more onto the streets. Our society has turned away from one built on compassion for our fellow man. Its all about money, wealth and status.

A Native Canadian once told me how he looks at money, "If everything was to fail and the economy crashed, what are these people going to do with all that money once its worthless? Are they going to eat it?" That sums it up, they would rather hoard their millions than help a fellow human being.

What really gets me is these same people profess to be religious. Well they are not going to heaven with an attitude like that. Didnt Jesus lay down the path to heaven by showing compassion and sympathy for even the lowest of the low of the society. Seems like they like to have their cake and eat it too! I can see the hyprocrisy and I am an Athiest!

Our society has turned away from one built on compassion for our fellow man. Its all about money, wealth and status.

I can't agree with you more on that.
Quote: Originally Posted by czardogs

Our society has turned away from one built on compassion for our fellow man. Its all about money, wealth and status.

I also agree with this. Morals on this side of the world are so watered down its sickening. It's called american culture.

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