With athletes such as hurdles champion Liu Xiang, table tennis star Deng Yaping and divers Guo Jingjing and Tian Liang leading the way, Chinese athletes are aiming for Olympic supremacy on home turf.
China’s medal count has shot up every Summer Olympics since 1988. That year in Seoul, the Chinese won five gold medals. By 2004 in Athens, they captured 32 gold and finished third overall in the medal count.
At the Summer Games this August in Beijing, the Chinese juggernaut is gunning for first overall.
What's the secret behind China's success? Hundreds of thousands of young people recruited into state-funded sport schools, nearly 3,000 schools in all. A far cry from the handful of sport schools in Canada.

Is it right to recruit young athletes and specialize their training for certain sporting disciplines? If Canada wants a higher Olympic medal count, is the Chinese system the way to go? Should Canadians fund more sports schools in this country?