Spice Girls reunite for 'once in a lifetime' world tour

CBC News
"Girl power" has returned as 1990s power group Spice Girls reunited at London's O2 Arena to announce a new world tour.
The tour will will take Melanie Brown (Scary), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty), Geri Halliwell (Ginger), Emma Bunton (Baby) and Victoria Beckham (Posh) around the world, beginning in December.
"We feel like the time is right. We wanted to have some fun and be together again for a while," Brown said on Thursday.
"Obviously it's nostalgic. But equally, if new fans want to come along, that's fantastic," Halliwell said. "I like to think our songs are universal and they are timeless."
The concert tour will include 11 concerts, including stops in New York, London, Cape Town and Hong Kong. Full Story
What do you think of the Spice Girls reuniting? Is the world ready for more girl power or are we past it?

Phil B
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What do you think of the Stupid reposting CBC bot? Is the world ready for more reposts or are we past it?


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