NATO needs more soldiers in Afghanistan, former general says

CBC News
A retired Canadian major-general, Lewis MacKenzie, says NATO needs many more soldiers in Afghanistan to keep up the pressure on the Taliban militants.

well, is it going to happen, I have heard this statement more than once, and I wonder
if someone is listening, or just ignoring the requests.

If more soldiers are needed, then send them, and "get the job done".
The problem being our NATO allies, (except for Great Britain, the USA, and the Dutch) are yellow, stupid, ignorant arseholes. They will not provide the cover necessary for reconstruction as they might get a bloody nose. This mission is becoming a sure failure, but we are comited until 2009.

NATO is a failure.

Abandon NATO.

Abandon Europe.

Create a new alliance of the English-speaking peoples...........the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.
oh that's just brilliant. hanging our hat exclusively with the ***-clowns who managed to bring the world Iraq.
and NATO is doing its job even if every other country on the planet isn't falling in line with the new interpretation of the mandate Canada is playing an aggressive role in trying to force down their throats..

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