Secret Service can't protect First Daughter's purse: report

CBC News
U.S. First Daughter Barbara Bush had her purse and cellphone stolen while in Buenos Aires, according to a report.

CBC Spam calling itself News

God I am so glad I don't have to rely on that joke of journalism to deliver my news....

One line of the story would have told it all - the rest is poke and jab and innuendo....

I didn't think the CBC could get any lower ... but they are ...

A bit of tabloidism to spice up their dreary story....they cut out their non news with this snide very classy for a publication overseen by the government of Canada.

The twins achieved tabloid notoriety as 19-year-old university students after being caught drinking and possessing fake identification in Texas in 2001.
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An ABC/AP rendition - more fleshed out rather than "impression" news

Updated: 07:19 AM EST

Bush's Daughter Robbed in Argentina
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Nov. 22) - U.S. and Argentine media reported that one of President Bush's 24-year-old twin daughters had her purse stolen while being guarded by the Secret Service during a visit here.

Ed Reinke, AP

Despite Secret Service protection for the president's twins, reports say Barbara Bush, right, had her purse stolen in Argentina.

More Coverage: ABC News' "The Blotter" (external - login to view)

ABC News, citing unidentified law enforcement reports, reported on its Web site Tuesday that Barbara Bush's purse and cell phone were taken while she was dining in a Buenos Aires restaurant.
La Nacion newspaper, citing anonymous government sources, said in its online edition early Wednesday that one of Bush's daughters had her purse taken Sunday afternoon in the popular tourist district of San Telmo.
A pair of thieves removed the purse from under a table while Secret Service agents stood guard at a distance, La Nacion reported. La Nacion said its sources did not reveal which of the Bush daughters had her purse stolen.
Argentine police told The Associated Press they had no complaint of any such incident on file, and the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires said it would have no comment. In Washington, the White House, Secret Service and State Department also declined comment.
CNN cited a law-enforcement source who was briefed on the incident as saying that "at no point were the protectees out of visual contact and at no point was there any risk of harm."
Argentina's largest-circulation daily, Clarin, ran an online report citing the government news agency Telam as saying that Barbara Bush had her purse taken along with a cell phone that was inside it. Telam cited an official source who did not wish to be identified by name and who provided no other details.
Barbara's twin, Jenna, visited neighboring Paraguay last month to take part in a UNICEF program for young professionals.

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Why would or should this bit of media fluff be of any importance to anyone?

Who cares?
I think not
Call in the Marines.
Yeah, it is silly.

BTW, the job of the Secret Service is to protect the PERSON, not the purse........was the agent supposed to abandon Ms. Bush and chase some minor miscreant?

Could have been a diversion.
The world looks on in horror as troops mass at the Argentinian border....

Ha! It would be a shame to have an agent take a bullet for a cell phone and some eyeshadow.

On a different note: How is it that it's impossible for a guy to find anything in a woman's purse? It's like a black hole of receipts and kleenex.

"Can you grab my keys out of my purse honey?"
"Uh... Ok. shuffle shuffle root root... Is it in the inside pocket, or the inside inside pocket?
"Never mind" - at which point he puts her hand in without looking and withdraws the keys from a previously disguised secret compartment.

It's one of the ten wonders of the male world.

There should be a "fluff" news website that reports this kind of silly stuff. Maybe there's one already... have to look.
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CBC Spam calling itself News

God I am so glad I don't have to rely on that joke of journalism to deliver my news..

No doubt the truth would give you gas...
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