O'Brien runs away with Ottawa mayoral race

CBC News
It was supposed to be a close mayoral race in Ottawa, but it wasn't, as technology executive Larry O'Brien ran away with the election.

Iam so happy, Ifelt as thought he would suceed ,but by leap and bounds ,thats wonderful ,by sticking to facts and truths and not wandering into promise this promise land , he won fair and square ,

What I see in Larry
great business sense -the city must be run as a business first and fore most ,
the conventions,attracting business to the capital ,by promoting the captial as a business / bring your family as well hot spot we can become front runners in that arena

His ideas on the changing the way we look at ,and get rid of garbage ,he's brilliant

reduce this sourceing out, unless its cost effective ,many city employees are not being utlized for their full potential ,administration should'nt cost us 30-40 percent

Bob just plotted along ,never really taking in to account we were fed up with the crap and were ready to do something ,if he couldnt see that coming imagine what else he's been missing all these years .

Train our people ,give them skills ,let them work ,let them prove themselves ,some just need a little positive encourage ment ,

The exchange program (needle /crack pipes ) should have been more of a way to find out how many are affected and a gateway to help ,not just pass the items out with no inverventions ,use the info collected to help us find solutions --I believe it is helping with not spreading Hep c and so on but it shou;ld have been used as a gateway to other programs

clean this city up ,I have not seen this city so dirty in years ,never would I have believed it would be let go like this, rideau and charlotte was and still gets to looking like a dump on a corner

Rethink aumagamation ,to better fit the areas ,the people that live in the area know what s lacking ,what they lost

And best of all use us ,let us help we have good ideas and are city is full of intelligent people

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