Move northern Ontario reserve south to Timmins, says adviser

CBC News
A special adviser to the Indian affairs minister says a troubled northern Ontario reserve should be relocated hundreds of kilometres south to the outskirts of Timmins.

you know yars ago a lot of people moved from L.A. to Denver and Seatle because of gang problems in L.A. mysteriously the gang problems strated up in the new locations...It was there kids!!! Moving a reserve just moves the problem somewhere else..PERIOD!!
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At a whopping 3,210 sq km (1,995 sq mi), Timmins is one of the largest cities, area-wise, in Canada.

So when they say "outskirts of Timmins" it is no where near Timmins....
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So when they say "outskirts of Timmins" it is no where near Timmins....

Hey Jay:

Coulda fooled me with that huge area statement. ( I read that on their web site also)

Been there lots and you can drive through it in less than 15 minutes. Maybe the town fathers allowed a huge area for future building, don't know.

Anyway something on the outskirts of Timmins would be really close to Timmins.

What the band does doesn't matter: They stay, we pay. They move, we pay.

Years ago, if the place didn't suit, they would hook the ol lady up to a travois, throw a harness on the dog, put a tump line on a pack, and head for higher ground, or someplace where the hunting and fishing was better.

Times is changed.


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