Prison tab will jump with stiffer gun laws: Toews

CBC News
Ottawa will have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on new prisons for extra convictions under the Tory government's proposed gun laws, the justice minister says.

Anyone want to take bets on how long before one of Harper's buddies get tapped to buildand run these new jails?
and your solution is to call them bad boys, take the guns and send them home??
Build these new prisons in Newfoundland use the old adage you grow what you eat and you sleep in what you build, believe me two years working out doors in NFL will scare anyone straight. Well that and their native diet of moose sausage, potted meat, pickled hot dogs, pork riblets, fries and dressing, moose stew, eel pie, flipper pie, Vienna sausages, those little fish that jump into your bucket that look like slugs.
Oh yah! That gets my vote for sure. Don't forget the squid!
fish n brews my love!! dat 'll straighten dem out!!

Honestly we are going to get all these people say how making them do time..and God forbid, hard time is cruel and inhuman..but they have no clue how cruel and inhuman some of these guys are before the are caught.... They maybe good in everyone..but for some it's down in their baby toe
Newfoundlanders use to love my idea of turning sections of Top Sail into a penal colony, all I did for five years was shovel snow, in fact if it were an Olympic event I would of taken home the gold. Alas it is not part of the Olympics so I had settle for a strong heart and a weak soul because I cried like a baby everytime another 60 cm landed on my drive way and roof. If it broke me can you image what it would do to a career criminal??
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