U.S policy on Iraq could change if Democrats win

CBC News
Voters headed to the polls in U.S. midterm elections on Tuesday with Democrats saying they plan to force a new direction for the war in Iraq if they win big in the battle for Congress.

I for one hope the republicans maintain their power base and continue their fatal campaigns in the middle east well into the next decade. So long as they are busy there they cant open another front of terror anywhere else.
Lets all hope they get more rope to hang themselves with.--or they could renounce their policy of unrelenting illegal war-----whatever you all think is more likely.
Lets hope that Americans dont have to die for Bush's agenda.
Well, good luck to us all. If the Democrats choose to initiate an exit strategy without all the necessary checks involved, that will set back the war on terror 20 years. There are such things as terrorists, they are well organized, committed and vicious and this adventure in Iraq has been a debacle. It'll take some better minds than are at the head of the current US administration and much better uni-trained personnel than they've had to fix this one. Don't be mistaken: if the US leaves Iraq unstable and the US itself is shamed, we are all in danger.
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Lets hope that Americans dont have to die for Bush's agenda.

More Americans have been killed by "Bush's agenda" than by 9/11.

All 9/11 Attacks, American casualties: 2,738
total all nations: 2973

As of November 7, 2006
Americans killed as a result of Bush's decision to invade Iraq because they possessed WMDs and helped al Qaeda: 2837
total all nations: 3077

Total number of innocent Iraqi civilians killed as a result of the invasion:
deaths which made the news as per Iraq body count: 46743-51843
as per figures released on Oct. 11, 2006 by lancet: the authors estimate that an extra 654,965 (minimum 329,979 to maximum 942,636) people died as a result of the invasion of Iraq.

Total number of deaths attributed to Saddam Hussein: about 600,000

Will American policy in Iraq change if Democrats take the house of Congress? No, the President, (not Congress) controls American foreign policy.

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