Badly burned body identified as missing B.C. woman

CBC News
The charred remains of a body discovered Monday near the Roberts Bank container terminal south of Vancouver are those of Surrey school teacher Manjit Panghali, who disappeared a week ago, say Delta police.

Without wanting to be cynical, this woman was pregnant and she had already given birth to a baby girl and that is considered by some to be the ultimate failure. Having female babies has cost more than one woman her life in this comunity. The fact that it took the husband more than twenty four hours to report the woman missing is suspicious. The alders don't seem to understand that it is the man's sperm that determines the sex of the baby and the woman cannot be faulted.
Sadly Juan you are correct in most case like this one the husband is usually the Prime Suspect. What use to be a rare case of Husband murdering his pregnant wife is becoming almost epidemic. What an awfull way to die.

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