‘You’re in World War III Today’: Casey Fleming on Unrestricted Hybrid Warfare


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Apr 11, 2020

‘You’re in World War III Today’: Casey Fleming on Unrestricted Hybrid Warfare​

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In this special episode, we sat down with Casey Fleming, CEO of business warfare and counterintelligence company BlackOps Partners. He sheds light on a new report by the Institute for Security and Technology called “REWIRED: How Digital Technologies Shape Cognition and Democracy.” How is this happening, who’s behind it, and what can be done? Fleming said: “Rewiring is actually rewiring the brain. And it’s called psychological warfare—cognitive warfare is the new term—and it all falls underneath hybrid warfare. And that’s really to control the minds and the souls of the audience or the population. So it’s basically rewiring the brain, and it’s accelerated and exacerbated by social media.” “You’re in World War III today. It’s called hybrid warfare. We’re not aware of it, we don’t understand it. … But hybrid warfare, you’re in it, you’ve been in it, and it’s peaking, and it’s maturing at this point. Eventually, it’ll go to conventional warfare at some point, and we may be several years away from that, but understand that our enemy has declared us their enemy. And so therefore, they are our enemy. And we are in a hybrid war, and you need to understand that,” he added. As for what can be done, Fleming said: “We need Americans to realize that they’re Americans. And whether they’re left, right, or center, that they are Americans and they need to vote for people in office that are going to fix this. That’s how we work. That’s how we operate. We’re a democracy, and the way we change is through voting. We need those people in state, federal, local government that are going to address this thing. It’s called foreign influence—under the umbrella of foreign influence. Also, the big data piece of it is not necessarily foreign influence, although the data that they collect is being sold to nation states for foreign influence. Big tech needs to have laws. Big tech says, ‘No, we’ll regulate ourselves, we can do a better job.’ Well, they certainly haven’t. And, again, we as Americans cannot, should not, allow that our data be collected and our privacy be violated for other companies to exploit that, and to make money and keep us addicted on their platform. So the way that it would look is voting people into office that are going to fix that and uphold human rights and individual rights on privacy,” he added.