Why I love MOM !

Canadian with a hyphen

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Apr 9, 2006
Mom and Dad were watching TV when Mom said, "I'm tired, and it's getting late. I think I'll go to bed."
She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next day's lunches.Rinsed out the popcorn bowls, took meat out of the freezer for supper the following evening, checked the cereal box levels, filled the sugar container, put spoons and bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for brewing the next morning.
She then put some wet clothes in the dryer, put a load of clothes into the washer, ironed a shirt and secured a loose button.
She picked up the game pieces left on the table, put the phone back on the charger and put the telephone book into the drawer.
She watered the plants, emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry.She yawned and stretched and headed for the bedroom. She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher, counted out some cash for the field trip, and pulled a text book out from hiding under the chair.

She signed a birthday card for a friend, addressed and stamped the
envelope and wrote a quick note for the grocery store. She put
both near her purse.Mom then washed her face with 3 in 1 cleanser, put on her Night solution& age fighting moisturizer, brushed and flossed her teeth and filed her nails.
Dad called out, "I thought you were going to bed."
"I'm on my way," she said.She put some water into the dog's dish and put the cat outside, then made sure the doors were locked and the patio light was on.
She looked in on each of the kids and turned out their bedside
lamps and TV's, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks into the hamper, and had a brief conversation with the one up still doing homework.
In her own room, she set the alarm; laid out clothing for the next day,straightened up the shoe rack. She added three things to her 6 most important things to do list. She said her prayers, and
visualized the accomplishment of her goals.

About that time, Dad turned off the TV and announced to no one
inparticular. "I'm going to bed."
And he did...without another thought.
Anything extraordinary here? Wonder why women live longer...?
CAUSE WE ARE MADE FOR THE LONG HAUL..... (and we can't die
sooner, we still have things to do!!!!)


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Feb 23, 2006
Why didn't she pour him a glass of milk since she was in the kitchen anyway?

the caracal kid

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Nov 28, 2005
"a lovely thought"? or "it is the thought that counts"?

if my mother served me milk, sugar, meat, coffee, or popcorn I would sue! :lol: How western....

Indeed, the thought counts, so the thought should be there all the time, not just once a year. But don't allow ill thoughts to lead you to a guilt-laden lifestyle.

One person is doing all the work? Is this a tribute to "mom" or the maid? Happy all-maids-day!?!

And what, of the nannies?
"Alone with big fat fanny,
she was such a naughty nanny,
heap big woman,
you made a big man of me"


Apr 3, 2005
Winchester Virginia
Canadien_with_a_hyphen did a tribute to an angel of a mom, not a maid.

Anyone who treats Mom who thinks of
others and serves others as some maid totally misses
the wisdom and wonder of that person.

We're here to help others.

In doing so we escape the pain. We become beyond.

That's just the way it is.


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Apr 29, 2006
Oakville, Ontario
That's so true about moms, except mine she works overnights and sleeps almost all day long because when she gets home she has to get things ready for my dad for work and put the dogs outside. So she goes to bed late in the morning or afternoon that I hardly ever see her or talk to her even on her days off.

Moms are special things and deserve to be treated special, my mothers day gift to my mom is taking her to Toronto for Animenorth because she loves anime.

XD anyways, that's probably really off topic alot.


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Apr 7, 2006
I love my mum because she bit her tongue and remained silent when I was (and still am) screwing up. She never tried to stop me from learning by my own experience even though it must have scared the hell out of her to watch me. She's OK!


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Apr 30, 2006
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Canadian with a hyphen true.
if mom is not home i don't even have a breakfast. I go to school, from school to work, if she doesn't prapare brakfast and lunch for the work, i don't take anything by myself.
When I am sick she is always around me, but when she is sick nothing prevents me from going out with friends.