WashPost Op-Ed Wants ‘Immunity Passports’ Before Opening Economy


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Dec 25, 2005
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Yup , that is how it works alright . An outbreak happened at my friends place of employment, he got sent for testing and came back positive . Saw no medical personnel, was told to stay home and isolate for two weeks . That was it caught and recovered , saw no doctor or nurse had no further tests was just automatically recovered . Do you believe a health certificate if that is how they are arrived at ?
I am happy you friend recovered, pgs and didn't need to be hospitalized. There are many stories of people who had similar experiences after having contacted the virus. If a person is otherwise healthy, they don't need medical care - self-isolation is all that is needed.

That said, he would still have had to be checked out prior to going back to his job to make sure he was now virus free.


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Mar 18, 2013
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I was reading on 'immunity passports' the other day, and the big concern is putting even further division into a society more divided than it has ever been already.
I think we were pretty divided 1861-1865.

And I'm actually pretty cool with being "divided" from unvaccinated, two-legged plague rats.
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