Understanding Albertans

the caracal kid

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Nov 28, 2005
alberta is a strange animal.

alberta seems the most US-like of all canadian provinces. Its all about government keeping out of the business and politics of the people. Now that they have the oil/gas revenues to keep things going there isn't going to be a need for the prov gov to want into people's pockets either.

I am dismayed at the "grab for the gold" mentality when it comes to natural resources though. Here we have a province that could be a world leader in the development of sustainable energy but the government and the people seem too short-sighted.

Look at calgary as a model for uncontrolled auto-centric sprawl!

To the OP, it is hard to say which place is better between ontario and alberta. Alberta has the rockies, but it also has miserable weather (i lived in canmore for a while. i prefer the west side of the rockies and prefer the ocean most of all).


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Dec 7, 2005
Re: RE: Understanding Albertans

the caracal kid said:

Look at calgary as a model for uncontrolled auto-centric sprawl!


I'm an avid hiker and backpacker, etc. I'm not from the Calgary area originally. I've lived across the country and moved here because of the Nature and outside activies. I wouldn't move.

BUT Calgary itself? Agreed. All the character and charm of a plastic christmas tree. Sterile and too squeaky clean and 'perfect'. It's a car city. I used to live in Montreal and that's my favorite large Canadian city followed by Halifax. (no knocks on Vancouver but I've always been lost when in that city and it rained and the traffic was insane). Toronto, barf. Winnipeg, nicest people in Canada. My favorite small city is Saskatoon.

(I actually prefer 'the city' of Edmonton (not location) to Calgary but might get exiled if anyone found out).


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Jan 9, 2003
RE: Understanding Alberta

What amazes me is Libs are 58% in Maratimes and Cons are only 54% in Alberta, why so low? From what I hear coming out of Alberta the conservatives should be pushing 75%.

I think Annie will win, she always manages to squeak in, if she were going to get booted, wouldn't it of happened when the Gun registry first came in?

As well many seats won in elections by less than 400 or 500 seats anyways.

Dexter Sinister

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Oct 1, 2004
Regina, SK
It seems worth pointing this out again. I'm sure I'm not the first to do it.

Last Federal Election results in Alberta

Conservative, 61.2% of votes, 93% (26) of seats
Liberal, 22.0% of votes, 7% (2) of seats
NDP, 9.5% of votes, no seats
Other, 6.8% of votes, no seats

Last Provincial Election results in Alberta

Conservative, 46.8% of votes, 75% (62) of seats
Liberal, 29.4% of votes, 19% (16) of seats
NDP, 10.2% of votes, 5% (4) of seats
Other, 13.6% of votes, 1% (1) of seats

In other words, Alberta's not as polarized as the seat distribution would suggest. Other parties are alive and well there, but their success or lack of it at the polls is distorted by the electoral system.