UFC 299 - O'MALLEY VS VERA 2 - Mar 9th 24


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Apr 24, 2020
Grand Bend
Great event tonight and I recommend you check it out.

O'Malley the current champ wants to avenge a lost to Vera before he became champ and puts his belt on the line to do it.

St Denis looks to move up by using Poirier as a stepping stone to prove he's got what it takes but Poirier wants another run at the title and needs to prove he cans till do it.

Newcomer Page wants to make a splash and show he has the goods to be in the UFC but Holland wants to start a run at the title and needs to take Page out to do it.

Burns wants to improve his stock and Maddalena wants to start making his name know and this fight should be a barn burner.

Former champ Yan wants to build a shot at a title again but Yadong wants to show he's got skills to pay the bills.

Blaydes and Almeida is a heavyweight banger with twi guys who can also wrestle,.

I would very much like to see Barber get smoked by Cerminara.

Dos Anjos wants to make a revitalization of his career.

So Does Munhoz.

Pereria wants to show he hasn't lost his skills and put some "W" in his bank.

What a great card!