The wrong foreign policy of the USA

Torch light

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Dec 4, 2017
USA has been wrong in some of their political works; there are two outstanding examples in this respect:
1- The Russia-Ukraine war.
It should not be part of the conflict and should try to stop this dangerous war and extinguish its fire by peaceful means, not by provoking it.
While now the USA together with the NATO have given much support to Ukraine and stood against Russia, which I think will not stop Russia and its allies from continuing this ugly war.

2- The Middle East.
The USA should not be against the Arab and Muslim nations neither should it incline to the side of Tel Aviv to the disadvantage of the Palestinian People, because it will gain the hatred of Muslims everywhere, while the Zionists of Tel Aviv murder the youths and children of the Palestinians and while the Zionists transgress on the Holy Aqsa Mosque disregarding God and His Quran and His commands.
This will reflect on the USA and the American People in economic and political deterioration and will lose the friendship of the Arab and Muslim countries.

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