The Story of Moses in the Quran

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Dec 4, 2017
Moses has been so many times mentioned in the Quran, more than Mohammed's name: which is mentioned only about 4 times, while Moses name is cited about 131 times.
The reason: Moses was taken as a model to be followed by the Prophet: to do like him in his mission and how he stood in the face of a mighty king, and how he forbore the hurt of the hypocrites among his people.

One of the sites in the Quran where Moses story was cited is in the soora 20: 9-99
Starting with the aya 20: 9 which means:

[God – be glorified – started to remind Prophet Mohammed with the story of Moses, and how he carried out the mission seriously and with a firm will, and he did not dread the arrogant Pharaoh, in order to imitate him in carrying out the mission and dread not the associaters; therefore, He said:]

(9. Have [you, Mohammed, understood] the story of Moses [when it had] come to you [in the previous Quran revelations?])

It means: "Have you received and understood the story of Moses with Pharaoh, when it had been told to you in the previous Quran revelations, and how he resisted Pharaoh until he was victorious on him? Therefore, be like him and resist the associates and idolaters, and so God will help you against them as did Moses become victorious on Pharaoh."

More explanation by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly

Here is the recital of this great soora 20 in the Quran:

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