Temporary Politicians? ( Government Reform/Election Reform )


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Sep 29, 2007
here's a better thought, get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and you go to jail instead of getting the usual Politician's Pass


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Mar 8, 2011
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Why would you want distinguished persons to form the panel. They are probably rich and out of touch with the reality of the poor and middle class.

I think a random draw from the voters list to get a real cross-section of society is a better way to go.

Of course I have long thought we could do away with elections & campaigns entirely by just having a random draw from qualified voters to fill the legislature where they can nominate and elect a PM and the cabinet. You serve 2 years and are then guaranteed your old job back. No pensions, no special benefits, no influence for financial backing and no time for corruption.


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Apr 16, 2008
Political Nick...Reality is a lot of Politicians/Rich are already " Out of Touch " with the realities of Poor/Middle Class...Politicians/Rich have no interest in Poor/Middle Class, unless there is Money to be made, or a political career/Reputation to maintain..Why would/should they care otherwise?
This is why People need to Speak Up/Vote...Whether you believe it will change things or not.

Angstrom...Hmmm, Going along with your Canadian Idol idea...So...OK.. How about a panel of Canadian Icons/Distinguished Canadians, judging various contending politicians in front of live audience...Each prospective politician would give their Speeches/accomplishments and Ideas of how they would better Canada if elected...whereas, at the end of the night, Audience/Call in/Online Voters, would vote for their favorite choice(s) until winners were chosen...These winners would go on to run in election to verify peoples choice.?..;)

Kinda like Town Hall, I suppose, only with panel of judges, and immediate audience participation...

Think anyone would watch?....Wonder if Media and Rich Backers would support this type of open forum?


How do Average People become influential politicians, without Big Money/Media Backers?.

In the end, lucky if 50% vote; those votes are split between parties.


IS Democracy in Canada nothing more than a Diluted Delusion?


I believe democracy can be saved; as long as Big Biz/Government are not permitted to interfere/Control all that is said or done...Increasingly so, when it comes to the internet/Social Media.

Ultimately ...Freedom must rule to ensure a Healthy, Prosperous Economy/Environment(China/Russia might argue...To a point).

If Government/Big Biz try to interfere, or control too much of peoples lives/Personal Freedoms...The market will crash; all will be lost...Economy/Internet will fail..


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