Sympatico user log


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Jun 10, 2002
Richmond Hill
Update May 20/2004

Still smooth sailing as far as the connection goes. I've recently upgraded to the new SpeedStream 6300 modem/wireless router, which has been great, extremely stable. Had a small billing snafu, but they corrected that in no time.

Update Mar 14/2004

Well, I did get upgraded, but its a little disappointing. Bell's advertised upgrade from 3mbps to 4mbps is anything but. The old 3mbps was synching at 3488, so they were taking into account the overheads, and the speeds you got after were close to 3mbps. Now they just advertise the sync rate for the 4mbps plan, which is 4032. Real speeds are in the 3400kbps range, which is not a very good improvement, especially compared to regular HSE which got a bigger boost, not to mention the same upload speed as ultra. Hope Bell will upgrade us a bit more in the future.

Update Feb 4/2004

Over 6 months with Sympatico now, no problems. Very happy. I'm just waiting for the 4meg upgrades due in Feb/March. Will post when upgraded.

Update Nov 26/2003

Still a smooth ride, no connection or speed issues. The web based email has always been slow since I signed up, they seem to ignore it, despite of many people's concern. But it's not my primary email so its not that big of an issue...

Update Oct 3/2003

I got a pleasant surprise a couple weeks ago, it seems my profile has been mistakenly upgraded to 3000/640, identical to HSE Ultra. I am getting 2975/675 speeds and its kicking butt. I hope they don't realize their mistake and my bill stays for regular HSE! Thanks Bell!

Update Aug 16/2003

Been exactly a month. No real service interruptions, aside from a massive scheduled Cisco router firmware upgrade (exploit fix) only a couple days after I got the service. Other than that, service has been great, stable pings and speeds.

July 15/2003

Just got sync today. I am on the new 1.5/320 profile, fastpath. So far so good, 1475/325 speed tests, good pings. Got a great deal from Bell. Will post updates in the future.