Sympatico bitcapz gone - ppl happy now


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Jun 10, 2002
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Since itz been a while since i posted here, might as well make it an interesting post! I found this at rbua and cbc so here you are

BCE Q1 earnings rise on improved wireless, high-speed internet results
Last Updated Wed, 05 May 2004 16:06:41
MONTREAL - Communications conglomerate BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE) reported higher first-quarter profit on Wednesday, crediting better results from its wireless and high-speed internet business.

The company said it made $470 million (51 cents a share), up from $451 million (50 cents a share) a year ago.

The company reported revenue of $4.70 billion, up from $4.68 billion a year ago.

"We are pleased with the solid progress the company has made in the first quarter," Michael Sabia, BCE's president and CEO, said.

"We had an outstanding performance in our wireless business with strong revenue and subscriber growth in both our business and consumer groups. Our DSL and video gains were also solid and we're beginning to see positive signs of improvement from the initiatives we have taken to bolster the performance of our small and medium business and enterprise groups," he said.

Shares of BCE were up 29 cents on Wednesday, closing at $28 on the TSX.

Written by CBC News Online staff

This is all because of the drop of bitcap sympatico did which made people happy again especially those ppl who use highspeed internet services. anywayz, have a nice nite everyone.


Mar 24, 2002
Wow, JSz... I remember you when we first started this forum so long ago. How's it going?

So, yeah.. I'm aware Sympatico removed their cap and possibly stopped Rogers from even starting their plans to bitcap us.

I've heard of countless Rogers and other cable users being forced off of cable to DSL because of "Hidden Bitcaps".. See article about that at: