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Nov 21, 2004
A Georgia State Patrol Trooper had to tell four young children on Halloween that their parents had died, but instead, he decided to let them have one more fun-filled day before breaking the tragic news.

Trooper Nathan Bradley was sent to retrieve Justin, Amaya, Damien and Travion, ages six to 13, from their home and tell them their parents, Donald and Crystal Howard, had died in a car crash.

The Howards had gone out on Halloween to get some face paint and extra candy for the big trick-or-treating day when their SUV came off the road and hit a tree.

Bradley said when the children answered the door, the kids told him they were waiting for their parents to come home.

So instead of breaking the tragic news to the children, he decided to take them out for some fun.

Justin, Amaya, Damien and Travion were treated to a dinner, movie and of course, Halloween candy.

Stephanie Oliver, the children’s grandmother, is thankful for the kind actions of Bradley.

“He took care of my kids when they needed [him]. He was there for them – they didn’t have a clue,” Oliver told WXIA of her grandchildren not knowing about their parents’ passing.

The kids weren’t told the tragic news until the next morning when Oliver arrived. The four children will move to Florida to live with their grandparents.

According to WXIA, Bradley has started a GoFundMe page to have Donald and Crystal buried in Florida.

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