Soccer - England ranked number 1 in Europe.


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Oct 9, 2004
28 December 2005


By Neil Mcleman

ENGLAND have been ranked the top team in Europe this year - and Brazil's biggest obstacle to winning the World Cup in the summer.

France Football magazine places Sven Goran Eriksson's side at No.1 despite struggling to qualify for Germany after the shock September defeat in Northern Ireland.

But England still averaged 2.27 points per game this year - rising to 2.50 in competitive matches.

France Football said: "With Beckham, Lampard and Gerrard in midfield, Owen and Rooney in attack, Terry, Carragher, Rio Ferdinand and Sol Campbell for the two (or three?) places in central defence, Sven Goran Eriksson has an impressive squad.

"Victors against Argentina (3-2) in a friendly in mid-November in Geneva, this team appears the best armed to rival Brazil at the World Cup."

It is the first time England have topped the rankings since 1987 - just before they lost all three games at Euro 88. Italy, Spain, France and Germany are ranked outside the top six with the hosts down in 13th place.

1. England
2. Holland
3. Poland
4. Portugal
5. Czech Republic
6. Ukraine
7. Italy
8. Spain
9. Sweden
10. France
13. Germany


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Nov 1, 2005
RE: Soccer - England rank

Question i have always wanted to do they rank soccer? What criteria do they use. Do they do it based on games played, wins vs losses, championships etc?

Or is it a bunch of guys in a room?

But go England anyays. i have all their games taped from the last two world cups.


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Jun 26, 2005
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Michael Owen has been injured and will not be back to the Premiership until just before the WC. A healthy Brit squad may well be the top contender for the Cup. Their physicality and endurance is their biggest team asset. But they can be just a bit vulnerable at defense and may give up a long pass and be scored upon.

As for rankings, I think it's just guys in a room. More often than not, however, their assessments are accurate.


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Nov 21, 2005
RE: Soccer - England rank

Gopher, Gopher, Gopher.......please do not refer to it as a "brit squad"'s an English Squad, football's the only game we allow ourselves to explain that we are a differing entity from Great Britain.

Besides, I had this arguement in at the USA vs. Mexico world cup game in Chicago (yes I was there) with my tour guide...the biggest unanswered question in world soccer (football) is "HOW THE HELL DOES ANYONE RATE THE US AS 6TH!"....well apart from the obvious "Owen Hargreaves: is he English, Canadian or German? knows but how did he wangle playing in any squad?"


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RE: Soccer - England rank

I think the British soccer team can do pretty good at this year's soccer World Cup. Because, after all, they invented soccer. Plus, they've got that Beckham fellow. I think he'll help Britain because he's a pretty good-looking, stylish guy, with a good-looking, stylish wife.

And if Britain doesn't win this year, they can always win next year!

That thing is in America, right?