Rwandan refugee


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Feb 13, 2009
United States
So what's the holdup Canada??? You going to wait till he dies of old age before making a decision. 17 years is more than enough time. What is it deportation or allow him to stay?

Rwanda urged Canada Saturday to ensure the deportation of a Rwandan refugee accused of inciting genocide, and ignore his lawyer's attempt to continue a 17-year legal battle to quash his expulsion.
Leon Mugesera, now in his late 50s, is infamous for a speech he gave in Rwanda in 1992 seen as a defining moment in the buildup to the 1994 genocide that saw as many as 800,000 members of the Tutsi minority slaughtered.
In the speech, Mugesera allegedly called Tutsis "cockroaches" and "scum," encouraging his fellow Hutus to kill them, and to send them "home to Ethiopia" by river -- the same river many were later thrown into, dead or alive.
"It is time to put this matter to another step," said Martin Ngoga, Rwanda's attorney general, noting Mugesera's efforts at a media campaign and a drumming up of political support to "yet again escape deportation."