Routers and gaming


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Apr 12, 2006
North Lauderdale, FL
I'm pretty good technically with pc's but I suck at networking. I currently have bellsouth dsl and have two computers connected by wire with a d-link di-624 router.

The dsl modem is connected to the router by a wire. From the router one wire goes to each of my main computer and the comp in the other room.

My son can play counterstrike on my main computer but not from the second one. The portforward site states that the di-624 router cannot open the proper ports to connect to steam. So I've been thinking of buy a router that that site says will work with counterstrike.

But then my son asked, "If both computer go through the router, why does one work and not the other if the router is the problem?" I have no answer for that one. Can anyone with a greater knowledge of networking help me out here?

I'd be more than happy to buy a new router, I'm thinking of getting a better wireless one so I can do away with the wires, especially as I'm going to be connecting to another computer for my daughter soon.

But I keep coming back to why is the one computur able to connect to counterstrike going through the router but not the other?


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May 31, 2006
West Virginia, USA
What firewall program are you using on each of the computers? Is it the same one, and are they configured identically? Maybe one is blocking the necessary port and the other is not?