Rex Murphy: Conservatives Are Gutless


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Mar 18, 2013
Washington DC
By the way. . . I hear you're in NB. Let me tell you a little anecdote. . .

I was on holiday with a lovely lady who refuses to marry me, despite my (20+ and counting) proposals, and we drove across NB to Moncton on Route 2.

I'm sure you know this, but let me tell it my way. . .

That's the northern end of the Appalachian Range, so it's pretty gentle hills running north-south. We drove east toward Moncton on Route 2. It was late September. Every ridge we topped showed a new ocean of maples, decked out in their finest yellow, gold, and red. . .

If you're not proud of your flag, you should be.

So far, I'm hoping that when I draw my last breath, that's the memory that leaves me last. . .
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