Reagan Official Reveals China’s Rise to Superpower Status


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Apr 11, 2020

Reagan Official Reveals China’s Rise to Superpower Status​

China in Focus

In this special episode, we’re bringing back one of our most talked about guests: Michael Sekora, founder and director of the Socrates Project within the Reagan White House. While the initiative was used to help take down the Soviet Union, its next goal, even back then, was to tackle a rising communist China. We hear from Sekora on how exactly China became a superpower. This is part one of a special series. We’ll also touch on several myths, or go-to assumptions, when it comes to tackling the China threat, and what it takes for us to win. Throughout these discussions, one term that’s apt to pop up is technology strategy. Technology isn’t confined to just computers, AI, and biotech. Rather, it’s the full range of equipment, material, and know-how that mankind has developed throughout history. Most simply, it’s the application of science to accomplish a function. Technology strategy focuses directly on the way that technology is used, instead of just throwing money at R&D. Ultimately, it’s about using technology to out-maneuver the competition. Sekora noted: “at the end of World War II, we shifted from finance to technology-based planning. China aggressively moved forward on technology-based planning. But here’s the rub. If you’re doing finance-based planning, they’re doing technology-based planning, and you look at them, you have no idea how they’re competing.” “You have no idea on how they’re being successful. And I’m amazed by the experts left and right, will say, ‘You know what, China is going to collapse tomorrow. … By all financial means they should have collapsed.’ But yet they continue to win. It’s because we’re looking at the finance. They’re maneuvering in the technology,” he added. “Now, just as FYI, technology-based planning is what built the United States before the war, before we switched to finance-based planning. Technology-based planning is what was the foundation for decision-making across the board.” “It’s what built GM, Ford, Chrysler, DuPont, Dow,” he added.