Project Entropia MMORPG

Project Entropia

This is a free to download and get into world MMORPG (massivly multiplayer online role playing game) based in a futuristic world named Calypso designed some years ago and put out by Mindark.

(snip) from the Mindark -project Entropia website

The Entertainment of the Future is already here
Project Entropia is a massive virtual universe with a real cash economy.

Together with people from all over the globe you experience adventure, you form societies, and you are a part in the creation of a brand new world.

While on the planet Calypso you use the PED currency to invest in your personal development. The assets you acquire can be exchanged back into real world funds.

Project Entropia is available around the clock for decades to come. The virtual universe has been developed since 1995 and every month new exciting content is added.

Join the 256525 persons before you - get a life in Project Entropia

“Project Entropia will be the next generation of interactive entertainment.” -

“Calypso itself is a beautiful place.” -

Unlike any other game of this type it is the only one that has ingame real world currency exchange for ingame currency. meaning that from where ever I live in the real world, I can log into Entropia and just using the credit card I set up as my purchase card I can transfer any real world money I wish and then I now have X amount of in game currency that has real world value. The ingame currency is the PED or (Project Entropia Dollars)

(snip) from the Project Entropia web site

The virtual currency in Project Entropia is PED, or Project Entropia Dollars.
Exchange rate
The fixed exchange rate equals 10 PED = 1 US Dollar.
PED Card

When real world money is exchanged into the Project Entropia currency, it's transferred to your personal PED Card. The PED Card gives you access to your in-world money and the economical service system in Project Entropia.

The PED card is a permanent part of your character's inventory. The card cannot be removed from your character and the PED connected to the card cannot be lost or stolen while in the virtual universe. Your PED Card can be used for any form of practical transactions when you buy or trade items. You are able to use the card directly to pay for things using the credit card item. Cash items can be also extracted from the card or transferred into the card.

In the world of Entropia I can meet many other characters played by individuals from all over the real world, anywhere that has interent and even a moderate level computer. I can interact with these characters, chat with them, work with them, party with them, even visit and their ingame residence and exchange items and PED's with them.

Although this can be a lot of fun, and entertaining, and I have to admit that Mindark has really worked to make this game very interesting and visually appealing there is another side of this that is disturbing. The possibility of unlimited cash exchange between players that is untrackable other than a debit or credit to any given real world credit card.

Check it out and think about it. Very interesting indeed.................