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Sep 6, 2015
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So there's a lot of propagandizing on social media lately that the land belongs to Palestine. Why do they believe that? Well, some like to point to the Philistines as the original Palestinians, But, they're not. Archaeological evidence strongly points to the Philistines being from the Aegean area, most likely Crete.

So who has the longest claim to the land? Egypt, but we'll get into that shortly. Here's what we know about the other two peoples. The ancestors of the Palestinians settled in the West of the land along the coast. The ancestors of the Israelites settled in the east in the Hill Lands. Who got there first? Well, from an archaeological perspective, we can't tell yet. The best we know is that the two groups arrived within around 100 years of each other. But considering where each settled it shouldn't make a difference. Israelites settled the east and Palestinians settled the west.

So what about Egypt then? Well, Egypt was colonizing the southern part of the land before either the Palis or the Izzies showed up. And since none of that land's original inhabitants exist as a people anymore, Egypt does, or did have a legitimate claim to the southern part. This was sort of detailed in one of the UNSCOP reports before the Arab/Israeli war. The Arab/muslim world does NOT like Palestinians. They just happen to hate Israel more. Just prior to the 1948 war the Arab/muslim states got together without Palestine. They didn't want a two or a one state solution. The plan was destroy Israel, at which point Egypt would annex the southern half Palestine/Israel while Lebanon and Syria split up the north part between them.

After decades of failed wars against Israel much of the Arab/muslim world changed tactics, they would USE the PLO (and later Hamas) to try and defeat Israel in the court of public opinion. And this is how they're doing it. They supply Palestine with just enough weaponry to use on Israel to give them a bloody nose, knowing full well Israel will retaliate, quickly. The PLO and Hamas have been using their own people as human shields and ultimately, force them to be martyrs for the cause. Because it's much easier to martyr someone else than yourself, apparently. This in turn gets called "genocide" and they blame Israel for it. The going was slow at first because the islamo-nazis had to use the MSM for their propagandizing. Now that they have social media, they have instant access to a bunch of like-minded, low IQ morons who just want an excuse to openly hate on Jewish people.

The islamo-nazis are literally getting Palestinians intentionally killed so they can blame Israel for it and win the war of public opinion. Meanwhile, the fucking leftards engaging in the islamo-nazi support here in North America by whining about an occupation, genocide and colonization of Palestine seem to have quickly forgotten they ALL happily live on land they claim was stolen and occupied via genocide. And yet continue to invite even more occupiers and colonizers to live here.

Back to the Mid-east, Palestinians seem to be under the impression that since it was called the British Mandate of Palestine before it just became Palestine, that the entire land belonged to them. Which is oddly confusing because why would Arabs (or muslims for that matter) call one of their cities "Jerusalem"? A city that has existed for at least 3000 years.

And let's face it being "anti-Zionist" is just code for "I hate Jews". Ya know what Zionism is? The belief by Jewish people that they will return to their homeland to live there and to develop and defend it. That's it. Which is what they are doing. Apparently that's "evil" though.

Now, I know some are going to go after Bibi about being a genocidal maniac or something but again I remind you, Israel has been defending itself against multiple Palestinian calls of wars of extermination against them for 76 years now. And yet the world is supposed to get all fucked off about Israel because they refuse to lose that war? Nah, the islamo-nazis and their useful idiot leftards can go fuck off. I've had enough of their shit to last me a lifetime. It's time for Western govts to start removing the trash from their countries.

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Apr 9, 2008
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Nov 21, 2008
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7&1/2months in, & Hamas & Friends still have rockets to lob at Israel/Israeli’s…so priorities, etc…
That was graphic?