Melanie Jolie is a Hypocrite

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May 20, 2007
1967 World's Fair
The foreign affairs minister stated today that Russia was trying to manipulate the principles of human rights. Seriously? How can she possibly discuss human rights with a straight face, when she’s just as guilty of supporting a violation of human rights in her own province. She’s the author of Bill-C32, a bill that places predominance of French over English at the Federal level, thus designating English speaking Canadians as second class citizens. The Bill calls for French speakers to have the right to work and be served in French where numbers warrant, however she DID NOT implement a reciprocal policy that allows English speaking Canadians the right to live and work in English where numbers warrant (ie Montreal). Anyone who openly exhibits this sort of hypocrisy should not be allowed to gain any sort of credibility as a public official. Her statements should be disregarded as not credible.

they're trying to justify their war by spreading a false rhetoric and attempting to manipulate the principles of human rights to support their illegal and illegitimate violence."

Melanie Jolie Hypocrite in expressing concern for human rights violations

Bill C-32 delegates English speaking Canadians as second class citizens