MANDEL: Editor of vile Your Ward News deserves prison


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Oct 26, 2009
MANDEL: Editor of vile Your Ward News deserves prison
Michele Mandel
April 26, 2019
April 26, 2019 6:17 PM EDT
Convicted hate peddler James Sears, editor of 'Your Ward News' appears at College Park Courts on Thursday January 24, 2019Veronica Henri / Toronto Sun
How James “Dimitri the Lover” Sears loves any pulpit to spew his hateful speech.
The judge reluctantly gave him a soapbox during his sentencing.
I will not do the same.
The sooner we can suck all the oxygen from this flowing-haired hatemonger, the better.
And so this time, I refuse to play his game and walk away from the post-hearing media scrum of reporters.
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Sears, editor-in-chief of Your Ward News, was convicted in January, along with publisher Leroy St. Germaine, of two counts of willfully promoting hatred against identifiable groups— namely Jews and women.
That would make me a double target.
So it was difficult to sit in that cramped, windowless College Park courtroom where Sears’ supporters were nodding enthusiastically in agreement as the Crown attorney shared some of the vile messages of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and misogyny contained in 22 issues of the disgusting rag — each edition distributed unsolicited and overwhelmingly unwanted over a three-year period to 300,000 homes.
At Sears’ sentencing hearing Friday — St. Germaine is to be sentenced at a later date — Crown attorney Erica Whitford asked for the maximum penalty: six months for promoting hatred against women and a consecutive six months for promoting hatred against Jews.
“Imprisonment is necessary in this case,” she told Ontario Court of Justice Richard Blouin.
She also urged him to impose three years of probation and most importantly, a condition that Sears, 55, stop publishing Your Ward News or anything else that disparages Jews or women.
To support her case, the prosecutor filed victim impact statements from four individuals and five communities, including the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.
One Jewish resident wrote that the anti-Semitic newspaper that calls Judaism an “evil religion” and the Holocaust “Holohoax” left him feeling “there is nowhere to feel safe, not in our own country, not in our own homes.”
James Sears, left, and LeRoy St. Germaine of Your Ward News appears at College Park Courts on Thursday January 24, 2019. Veronica Henri / Toronto Sun
Another resident in the Beach, where Your Ward News began, said it reminded him of the anti-Semitism during World War II when signs on the beaches would read “No dogs or Jews allowed.”
The women’s groups wrote that the paper’s offensive material — Your Ward News advocates spousal rape, calls on men to be “lone wolf gender warriors” and blamed last year’s van attack on “some feminist c–t setting him off” — normalizes violence against women and fosters fear.
In fact, writers from the Rape Crisis Centre wanted to remain anonymous, court heard, because they feared becoming another Your Ward News target.
“His misogynistic beliefs are longstanding,” Whitford said, saying Sears was convicted of two counts of sexual assault and lost his licence to practise medicine in 1992 for sexual impropriety.
But defence lawyer Dean Embry insisted there’s no record of his client having any convictions or a pardon.
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He called for a conditional sentence of between four to six months, arguing that while hate speech is repugnant, Sears’ wasn’t on the “extreme or high level.”
After all, his “calls for cultural extermination (of Jews) is not as high as calls for genocide,” Embry told the judge with a remarkably straight face.
And then it was Sears’ turn to address the court.
He warned Blouin that he had a 62-page “allocution statement” to deliver for his disciples waiting anxiously in the court but then relented and whittled it down to three.
From his ramblings, he seemed to be arguing that he was doing us all a service, that his writings offered a “relief valve” to like-minded haters who would otherwise turn to violence.
Give this odious man a medal.
And then throw him in jail.
Sears is scheduled to be sentenced next month.