liberal Jim Karygiannis To Be Reprimanded Over Interactions With Residents


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Jun 18, 2007
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The city’s integrity commissioner is recommending rookie councillor Jim Karygiannis be reprimanded after a couple of “shocking” incidents involving local residents.

Valerie Jepson advised that council reprimand the Karygiannis in one of the cases while no punishment was recommended in the other case.

The Ward 39 councillor has been accused of bullying and intimidation by local residents after they tweeted about their interactions.

In the first case a woman said the councillor stopped his car in front of her home to argue that parking on the apron of her driveway was not allowed.

He returned a week later and knocked on the door and told the family the car had to be moved.

Then a few days later Karygiannis saw the father at a local shisha bar and he again raised the parking issue and threatened to have the family ticketed.

The integrity comissioner says “The councillor’s conduct is shocking and had the cumulative effect of irreparably harming the complaint’s and her family’s trust and confidence in the councillor.”

The second incident took place in July 2015 when Karygiannis confronted an Uber driver who asked if someone called for a car.

The report says “the councillor told the driver that by driving the Uber vehicle, he was breaking Ontario laws and municipal rules and regulations.”

Jepson found Karygiannis acted in an “inappropriate, aggressive and intimidating manner”

Jepson found that no punishment was recommended in the Uber case but that he should be reprimanded by council next week over the parking incident.

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