Just do it?


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Just buy canadian.
You will find out that it is next to impossible to supply yourself with products solely manufactured , at least, on Northern American continent.

Which economy do you accept to support? Oppressive Chinese regime and their genocidal policy in Tibet? Child labour in S-E Asia? ETc ETc.

Can't you work for your OWN country? Being a canadian patriot means to give preference to your fellow citizens.

Otherwise, all these talks about globalism, world domination etcetc are sissy whining if you are typing them on a keyboard 'made in china' and wearing NIKEys made by Thai kids.


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ExaCtly, my friend!

Don't you see people need to worry about Chinese economy more than domestic one since a ripple over there might become a huge wave over here - and it is so much of a political issue.
And of course, there is always choice, at first place there ishould be a consideration : if it is not available domestically .. do you really NEED it or that need is forced upon you by foreign marketing strategy?
Or may be the realization that Canada does not provide its citizens with goods manufactured locally is too strong to face?
After all, every country deserves the government it elects.


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I did not want this to be offtopic.
The cost of a labour reflects reality of the economy - a country which cannot allow local production and having $700 BIL in foreign debt - has a very 'promising' future, IMHO.

And I am not the only one, if you meant this.