Just "A Comma"???


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Jul 10, 2004
Victoria, BC
His stupidity never ceases to amaze. 8O A "comma" ?? What the hell would it take to make at least a paragraph? An entire civilization wiped out?

I was going to post these under "Jokes" but suddenly it ain't so funny anymore:

[FONT=&quot]These were some of the banners at the San Francisco anti-war march and
rally on January 18th:

Draft The Bush Twins
Don't Mess With Mesopotamia
War Is SO 20th Century
War Is A Dick Thing, Peace Is A Heart Thing
George Dubya: Weapon Of Mass Distraction
Beat The Bushes For Peace
Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Look Under The Bushes
If War Is The Answer We're Asking The Wrong Question
Killing Innocent People Is The Problem, Not The Solution
Save America, Spare Iraq, Make Texas Take Him Back
Who Would Jesus Bomb?
Stop Mad Cowboy Disease
Bush Is A Servant Of Sauron. We Hates Him!
Make Love, Not W
There Is No Path To Peace - Peace IS The Path
Justice Or Just Us?
Tame The Tyrant In The Mirror, Then The One In Iraq
Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld: Axis Of Weasel
Go Solar, Not Ballistic
Nonviolence, Not Nonexistence
A Village In Texas Has Lost Its Idiot
Make Alternative Energy Not War
How Did Our Oil Get Under Their Soil?
Regime Change Begins At Home
No Hitting (held by young girl)
No Oilgarchy (Oilgarchy in circle with slash across it)
God Does Not Bless Only America
Has Anyone Seen Our Constitution Lately?
What If God Blesses Iraq?
Let's Try Preemptive Peace
Our Grief Is Not A Cry For War
Books Not Bombs
If You Are Not Outraged You Are Not Paying Attention
Bush Is A Moron Don't Let Him Get His War On
Honk If You're A Terrorist
Smart Bombs Don't Justify Dumb Leaders[/FONT]