Jobs in Ottawa


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yala, call me stupid hmmm
I had a job in Toronto and quit one of the reason was to live and work in europe. I should have stayed put but it was at the sars times and got freaked out ... it is hard to live as a freelance artist. Survived! and I am swimming the high tide oceans:)

gooooooooooooooood Luck! wish I could help , but hey you can always put an ad look on the net news papers and keep going :)


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Dec 5, 2004
Was Victoria, now Ottawa
It's been awhile since I've been on this site. My specialties? I studied animation, but it seems like if you work in the field, you get laid off every time the season is over or they cancel the show. Plus, animation is pretty crappy today, especially TV stuff. I prefer drawing to the computer animation as well.
I don’t know French so that limits things. I am working now but I'm always looking for a better paying job. I'm in receiving at a book store and I work mon-fri regular hours. I could never work nights. I love books too so I get to see all the new releases and discover books I might not have seen before.