Ideological Veganism: It's a Lie.


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Sep 6, 2015
Olympus Mons
Now, before I get into this I want to preface it by stating that if you're vegan because you're trying to make healthier life choices, this isn't about you. If you're vegan because you love animals so much and can't bear to see them hurt, then this is precisely for you.

I am routinely "graced" with all kinds of "we're vegans because we love animals" bullshit on my FB feed. They try to tug at the ol' heart strings by posting cute pics of cows, pigs and chickens with some "super deep" message about not eating animals and how it's wrong to do so.

Here's the thing. I know precisely where my meat comes from. I mean I know which farm. No animals other than the ones used for food are killed on that farm. The cows, pigs and chickens are killed to become food and other products.
However, there are an estimated 7.5 billion animals killed every year just to protect food crops. Yes, some of them are killed to protect the livestock feed lots. But others are killed to protect kale and carrots and corn and lettuce and shit. When vegans claim killing animals for food is wrong, they are either being intentionally disingenuous or else they are ignorant as f*ck. In fact, I'd forcefully state that people who "eat vegan for the animals" are morally inferior to meat eaters. Especially meat eaters who buy their food from local, small scale farms. At least the animals that are killed for us at my brother in-law's farm are going to be eaten and used for other products. The billions of bunnies, gophers, groundhogs, crows etc that are killed every year to protect human food crops are just left to waste for the most part.

How many baby animals starved to death because their mother was killed trying to nibble on some f*cking lettuce or something. Oh yeah real humane. You just LOVE animals don't ya, you f*cking hypocritical posers. Just another example of how phony the ALT-left actually are.

And the thing is, even when you calmly and politely try to point out the flaw in their thinking they go straight on the offensive. No self-reflection, no reasoned response, just a lashing out because you dared to shine the light of truth and fact on their groundless beliefs.

Same with the rain forest destruction. Vegans love to claim most of it is from cattle farms. Well, no, it's not really. Some of it is the result of illegal logging. But a good portion of it is from crop farms. There are a number of cash crops that grow really well on cleared rain forest land. Other crops don't do so well in the acidic soil and end up going bust. This is when the cattle farms move in. To be sure cattle farming is directly responsible for a good portion of rain forest destruction too, but again the vegan idiots refuse to believe that veganism helps fuel rain forest destruction.

Look, for those of you who went vegan because you're trying to live and eat healthier and/or lose some weight in the process as well, more power to you. I hope you succeed. There's nothing wrong with being a vegan. That's your choice and in this country, we're still free to make our own choices, for now.
However, there's everything wrong with being a vegan because you "love and care about the animals" while trying to cram your ideology down everyone else's throat when the entire ideology is based on a fallacy and a gross misrepresentation of loving and caring about all animals.

I mean it was funny one day when there was a post on my FB feed that said, "I'm vegan because...." And all the delusional twats responded with "I love animals". Yeah right. Here's the thing, if you loved all animals anywhere near as much as you claim to, you'd probably starve to death.
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