Hockey talk - Player ownership? what about the Cup?


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Jun 27, 2004
The Stanley Cup won't be awarded for the first time in a lotta years if we don't get going NOW - or is it too late? 30 games in two months, and away we go for playoffs eh?
Maybe some other hockey league could battle it out for the honour of holding Stanley'sCup for one year, like the CHL , Junior AAAs or the Northern Native league?
Who IS the NHL? Just the Owners? They bought the copywrite along with the contracts but who did Lord Stanley say the cup was to be awarded to - the NHL? The players have their own name "The Players Union", and are not the NHL. How did this happen?

What about the financial problems? Maybe the PLAYERS should own the league... the current owners messed it up because they could not agree to limit salaries, they could not control costs. The players would know what the right price is better than anyone.
There was something on the news tonight about Gretz and Mario talking this weekend ... Both are former players now ownership. They could get the players to sign up for the 30 game season and playoffs, rent the arenas, buy some jerseys, just split the costs and whatever is left over...a potential blueprint for the future.

The rule changes could be tried out too. How about limiting goalie pads more , stop grabbing and hooking in the centre zone somehow, and what else for more scoring? Ideas?
It is the owners who screwed up the game and made it a trapping, low scoring snooze fest. The need to win, to place high in the standings, not sport or having the most fun, to meet some corporate directive is how it got this way. Player ownership might put the sportsmanship back into it.

These dogs who are running the lock-out talks, both player side and owners, are not doing a good job. Maybe for themselves, they no doubt have a side benefit to the eventual contract, probably fighting for the elite players more than they should be. The owners have not been able to control the wealthiest teams' spending and they don't like the idea of a salary cap any more than the players union. There is more to it that WE see on the news.



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Jan 9, 2003
Whats this about more meetings tomorrow? and Gretztky trying to work out a deal?

I think the cup should just not be handed out period, if no NHL as all other leagues have their own cup.

But we could always form our own road hockey team and challange other boards for the Stanley Cup. :headbang:


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Feb 24, 2005
I think the Cup should definitely be awarded to someone this year.

The NHL has ceased to exist. Why? Because of the raw greed and arrogance of both the owners and the players. None of 'em deserve the Cup anytime soon, as far as I'm concerned.

Think about it: greed will have trumped culture if the NHL continues to hold the Cup hostage!