High Risk Baby Food Recall In Canada


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May 20, 2012
The CFIA issued a "high-risk" release Saturday which warned that 128 millilitre packets of the baby food with Oct. 31, 2017 expiry date stamped on the label should not be used because they could contain the bacteria which produces botulism.

Loblaw Co., the parent company of No Frills, Loblaws and Superstore grocery chains, has recalled its PC Organics brand Apple, Blueberry and Green Pea strained baby food because of a food poisoning threat.

The containers, with the UPC code 0 60383 06292 7, should be thrown out or returned to the store where they were purchased.

Botulism is a serious illness that can cause muscle paralysis. It's caused by a neurotoxin and produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

Loblaw recalls President's Choice baby food due to botulism risk - Nova Scotia - CBC News



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Nov 24, 2020
Weird, I've never encountered this problem. Every time I buy products, I check the expiration date. I have a small son and he is already a year old and I feed him baby food he really likes it and there are really a lot of vitamins. I myself sometimes eat baby food because it is very tasty and healthy. It is also important to read what ingredients are used in the product. I care about the health of my baby and it's important to buy some products without palm oil suitable for your children. I just add boiled water cooled to approx. 50°C to the formula powder and shake. I was looking for a really long time till i found the store where i ordered powder milk.