Happy Canada Day 2014!


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Jun 26, 2005
Minnesota: Gopher State

Canada Day 2014

In 2014 Canada Day is Tuesday, July 1.

Canada day in 2014 is on a Tuesday - will you take Monday off? Many people have asked if they can simply "swap" Canada Day this year so it's on Monday instead: no you cannot. If you work for a small business then you may be able to negotiate a special agreement with your boss but legally Canada Day is on Tuesday in 2014.

Canada Day celebrates the birthday of Canada. On July 1, 1867 Canada became a new federation with its own constitution by signing the Constitution Act - formerly known as the British North America Act.

Canada Day is a national statutory holiday celebrated in all provinces and territories and it is a day off for most businesses.

A joyous Day one and all!


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Jan 28, 2007
Happy Dominion Day, Canada. July 1 is the day in 1867 when we took dominion over our own territory.


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Oct 26, 2009
WATCH: 147 things we love about Canada

June 30, 2014
To mark Canada’s 147th birthday, we sent intern Espe Currie out with a camera to ask Torontonians and visitors their favourite thing about Canada or being Canadian.
The responses ranged from the obvious to the heartfelt – but the number one answer was uncontested: hockey.
Multiculturalism and diversity were also popular, as were maple syrup, poutine and our abundance of natural resources.
One new Canadian told us she loves Canada because she feels part of it, while a seventh-generation Canadian said she loves meeting new people from around the world.
Out-of-towners had good things to say too. Our clean air, the mountains, the oceans and Niagara Falls all made the cut.
Surprisingly, beer and BeaverTails pastry were only mentioned a handful of times; ketchup chips only once.
What did we miss? Submit your favourites in the comments below, or contact us.
Think you’re a Canadian know-it-all? Take our all-Canadian quiz.
WATCH: 147 things we love about Canada | CityNews


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Oct 26, 2009
Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at Mayor Ford on Canada Day
July 2, 2014
During his opening monologue on his late night talk show on Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and wished everyone a happy Canada Day.
Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at Mayor Ford on Canada Day | CityNews

Woman accidentally shot to death on Canada Day: Cops
QMI Agency
First posted: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 02:47 PM EDT | Updated: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 02:54 PM EDT
WINNIPEG — Police believe the shooting death of a woman early Canada Day was an accident.
Emergency crews rushed to the scene at 3 a.m. after a man called to report the shooting.
The woman had been shot in her upper body and was dead when paramedics arrived.
The man who called 911 stayed at the scene and was taken into custody.
He told investigators he had been handling his 9 mm handgun — legally registered to him — when the woman grabbed at his arm and the gun discharged, police said.
The deceased has been identified as Michelle Stobbe, 28.
John Elwood Cameron, 35, is charged with causing death by criminal negligence and careless storage of a firearm.
Woman accidentally shot to death on Canada Day: Cops | Canada | News | Toronto S


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Jun 26, 2005
Minnesota: Gopher State
one of the best reasons to celebrate Canada Day:

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Wrestling - Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame

Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame

Where we honour Canada's contributions to the world of mat mayhem

To qualify, a wrestler must have been born in Canada, become a Canadian citizen, grown up in Canada or have had Canada or a Canadian promotion as the focal point of their career.

Christian (Jay Reso)
Steve Corino
Cody Deaner
Johnny Devine
René Dupre
Tyson Dux
Michael Elgin
Sylvain Grenier
The Highlanders
Kowboy Mike Hughes
Chris Jericho
Tyson Kidd
Joe E. Legend
Jinder Mahal
Santino Marella
Kenny Omega
Kyle O'Reilly
Robert Roode
Alex Silva
David Hart Smith
Kevin Steen
Val Venis (Sean Morley)
Petey Williams
Eric Young
Sami Zayn (El Generico)

Josh Alexander
Andy Anderson
Jason 'The Sledgehammer' Anderson
KC Andrews
Phil Atlas
Vince Austin
Brent Banks
Tony Baroni
Jeff Black
Tommy Blade
Michael Richard Blais
Max Boyer
Canadian Extreme
Kwan Chang
Outlaw Scott Chase
RJ City
"Rebel" Bobby Collins
Nelson Creed
Tod 'The Bod' Douglas
Danny Duggan
Jeff Dupre
Ebony X-press
Jack Evans
Farhan Faruqui
Anthony Fiasco
The Flatliners
Franky the Mobster
Disco Fury
Jim Fury
Teddy Hart
Hollywood Hunks
Too Damn Hype
Rip Impact
"Sexy Baby" Jamie Jackson
Dane Jarris
Adam Knight
Tony Kozina
Carl LeDuc
Kenny Lush
Shane Madison
Moondog Manson
"StarBuck" Michael Majalahti
Massive Damage
Maddog McFly
J.D. Michaels
Notorious T.I.D.
Dru Onyx
Eddie Osbourne
Scotty O'Shea
Principal Richard Pound
Steve Rivers
Rockford 2001
Psycho Mike Rollins
E.Z. Ryder
AJ Sanchez
Sebastian Suave
Scotty Mac
Kyle Sebastian
Sexxxy Eddy
Bobby Sharp
Gurv & Harv Sihra
Ruffy Silverstein
Ashley Sixx
Bill Skullion
Shawn Spears
Michelle Starr
Wavell Starr
Damian & Drake Styles
Sunny War Cloud
Tyler Tirva
Vid Vain
Quinson Valentino
Alex Vega
Venom (Craig Harris)
Michael Von Payton
"Danger Boy" Derek Wylde

Blue Angel (Ruby McGynn)
Jennifer Blake
Traci Brooks
Cherry Bomb
Deanna Conda
Cathie Cougar
Miss May Cullen
Jaime D
Melissa Dahl
Allison Danger
Miss Danyah
Delta Dawn
Rachael Dubois
Lucille Dupree
Fran Gravette
Misty Haven
KC Houston
Miss Kitty Karson
Gail Kim
Raven Lake (Thereasa Hall)
Angelina Love
Cora Livingston
Nicole Matthews
Velvet McIntyre
-Velvet's Career Record
Alma Mills
Anna Minoushka
Nattie Neidhart
Maryse Ouellet
Sandy Parker
Desiree Peterson
Portia Perez
Cat Power
Buffy Republic
Rhonda Singh/Monster Ripper
Vicky Rose
Courtney Rush
She Nay Nay
Angie Skye
KC Spinelli
Toni Starr
Trish Stratus
Luna Vachon
Vivian Vachon
Taylor Wilde

Little John Adams
Cuddly Cubbie Baxter
Farmer Brooks
Beau Brummell
Dolly Darcel
Farmer Pete
Celine Fontaine
Tiger Jackson
Karate Kid Chris Dube
Pee Wee James
Frenchy Lamont
Cowboy Lang
Lil Nasty Boy (Danny Campbell)
Little Beaver
Little Bruiser
Little Brutus
Little T
Little Wolf
Lord Littlebrook
Pancho the Bull (Ferdinand Tucci)
Joey Russell
Sky Low Low
Tiny Roe
Tiny Tim
Tom Thumb
Tiny Tom Thumb (Garry Culbreth)

Joe Aiello
Milt Avruskin
**** Beddoes
Jack Britton
Bob Clark
Jack Corcoran
Eddie 'The Brain' Creatchman
Floyd Creatchman
Jack Curran
Jim Davies
Carl De Marco
Neil Drummond
Sam Dubé
Clarey Flemming
Sandy Hoyt
J.R. & Athol Foley
Marty Goldstein
Tommy Gorman
Gary Howard
Ed Karl
Brad Keene
Norm Kimber
George Labash
Bob Leonard
Charles Mascall
Gair Maxwell
Bill McCullough
Ivan Mickailoff
Pat Milosh
Ron Morrier
Michel Normandin
Cliff Parker
Bernie Pascall
Ma Pickles
Eddie Quinn
Dave Republic (Dave Teixeira)
Lucien Riopel
Robert Rivest
Mike Rodgers
Ernie Roth
Michael Ryan
Fred Scambati
Fernand Ste-Marie
Earl 'Sully' Sullivan
Frank Tunney
Jack Tunney
John Tunney
Alex Turk
Merv Unger
Henry Viney
Dan Walker (Walter Girard)
Abu Weasel (Milad Elzein)
Ed Whelan
Al Zinck

Gary 'The King' Allen
Eugene Brie
Eddy Carson
Wayne Cashman
Big Joe Dempsey
Adrien Desbois
Bill Donovan
Ronald Dube
Claude Decharme
Bunny Dunlop
Sam Gotter
Rod Hater
Cedric Hathaway
Louis Hebert
Hans-Jochen Herrman
Jim Korderas
Bob Morgan
Pierre Morrison
Frank Parker
Rene Richards
Andre Roy
Maurice Simard
Suzie Tanner
Kenneth Tiger Tasker
Steve Trojack
Mel Turnbow (Malcolm Cormier)
Terry Yorkston

Atlantic Grand Prix
Northland Wrestling

Hart House
Maple Leaf Gardens
Ottawa Auditorium
Winnipeg Arena

All bios of wrestlers are written by Greg Oliver unless otherwise noted.

We know we've left people out. Submit your own entry to SLAM!'s Hall of Fame of Canadian Wrestlers
Abdullah the Butcher
-Abdullah Career Record
Kenny Ackles
Bob Adessky
Agent Orange (Warren Kowalson)
Rahim Ali
Bad News Allen (Allen Coage)
-Allen Career Record
The All-Knighters
Andre the Giant
-Andre Career Record
Gino Angelo (Angelo Curto)
Tony Angelo (Hank Pardi)
John Anson (Karl von Shotz)
Lloyd, Orest & Bill Antonation
Farmer Bill Armstrong
Ernie Arthur
Ovila Asselin
Fred Atkins
Hercules Ayala
The Baillargeon brothers
-Adrien Baillargeon Career Record
-Jean Baillargeon Career Record
-Lionel Baillargeon Career Record
-Paul Baillargeon Career Record
-Tony Baillargeon Career Record
Sonny Baker
'No Class' Bobby Bass
Ben Bassarab
The Beast (Yvon Cormier)
The Beast (John Yachetti)
Sammy Berg / Samson Burke
Phil Belanger
Chris Benoit
-Benoit Career Archive
Brute Bernard
Big Mac (Mervyn McKie)
Bobby Bilitsky (Rick Rawluck)
Earl Black
Monty Black
Frank Blues
Rick Bolton
Steve Bolus
Dino Bravo (Adolfo Bresciano)
Dino Bravo
Gino Brito
Gino Brito Jr.
Caveman Broda
**** 'The Bulldog' Brower
Bulldog Bob Brown
Kerry Brown
-Kerry Brown Career Record
King Kong Brule (Bob Billedeau)
Charles Buffong
Leo Burke
Jason Cage
Ray Calendar
Crybaby George Cannon
Lumberjack Johnny Canuck
Crusher Carlsen
Edouard Carpentier
Neil Carr
Gus 'Frenchy' Champagne
Richard Charland
Joe 'Killer' Christie (aka Destroyer)
Jerry & Bobby Christy
Irish Bobby Clancy
'Sailor' Bob Clark
Jay Clintstock (Gerry Paquette)
'Irish' Tom Collins (George Larson)
Pat Collumb
Crazy Chris Colt
Tony Condello
-Condello Career Archive
"Big Train" Lionel Conacher
Corsica Jean (Jean-Louis Roy)
Jeff "Bruiser" Costa
Crash Crimson
Chi Chi Cruz
Wayne Cryderman
Cuban Assassin (Angel Acevedo)
-Cuban Assassin Career Archive
Murray Cummings
Bill Curry
Cyrus (Don Callis)
Scott D'Amore
The Dark Angel (Ross May)
Rick Davis
Nick DeCarlo
Don De Laun
Rocky & Bob Della Serra
'Dirty' Dan Denton (Dennis Turner)
Dominic Denucci
Johnny DePaulo
Roland (Bull Neck) Desjardins
Larry Destiny
The Destroyer (**** Beyer)
Paul Diamond (Paul Lehman)
Paul Diamond (Tom Boric)
Jim Dimitri
Ilio DiPaolo
Ron Doner
Leo Donoghue
Doug & Red Donovan
Bill Dromo
-Dromo Career Archive
Michel DuBois/Alexis Smirnoff
Bunny Dunlop
Emile Dupre
-Dupre Career Archive
Duke Durrango
Yvon Durelle
The Dynamite Kid
Don Eagle
War Eagle
George 'Red' Eakin
Edge (Adam Copeland)
Artie Edmunds
Stoney Edwards (Mike Olsen)
Eric the Red
Rod Fenton
-Fenton Career Archive
Vinnie Fever (Otto Gentile)
Adam Firestorm
Pat Flanagan
Timothy Flowers
Layne Fontaine
Jack Forsgren
John Foti
Frank Fozo
Dave "The Kidd" Franks
Johnny Franks
Mario Frattaroli
Eric Froelich
The Frog (Terry Tomko)
El Fuego (Rob Etcheverria)
George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski
Hubert Gallant
Ron Garvin
-Ron Garvin Career Archive
Terry Garvin (Terry Joyal)
Denis Gauthier
Tim Geohagen
Tim Gerrard
Dangerous Dan Gervais
"Farmer" Elmer Gibson
Mr. Gillis
Alex Girard
Pat Girard
Ron Gogan
George Gordienko
Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie
Rene Goulet
The Great Antonio
Ted Grizzly
The Hacker
Gentleman Jim Hady
The Hangman (Neil Guay)
Hannibal (Devon Nicholson)
Major Hardway
Bobby Hart
Frankie Hart
The Hart Family
Bret Hart
Owen Hart
Stu Hart and wife Helen
Gil Hayes
Ted Hebert
Jason Helton
Chief Golden Hawke
Doug Hepburn
Joffre L'Heuréux
John Hill (Jerry Valiant, Guy Mitchell, etc.)
Mr. Hito (Katsuji Adachi)
Dean Ho (Dean Higuchi)
-Ho Career Archive
Johnathan Holliday
Len Hughes
Ricky Hunter (The Gladiator)
'Wonderboy' Ron Hutchison
Martin Hutzler
Aaron Idol
Jason the Terrible (Karl Moffatt)
-Moffatt Career Archive
Bobby Jay
Kevin Jefferies
Don Leo Jonathan
-Jonathan Career Archive
Bull Johnson
Bullwhip Danny Johnson
Ken Johnson
Rocky & Ricky Johnson
-Rocky Johnson Career Archive
Bobby Jones
Gentleman Jimmy Jordan
Geza Kalman Jr.
Tor Kamata
Larry & Alex Kasaboski
John Katan
-Katan Career Archive
Bobby Kay
Rudy Kay
Pat and Mike Kelly
Gene Kiniski
-Kiniski Career Archive
Cowboy Kirk (Ray Daigle)
Klondike Bill
Johnny K-9
Ivan Koloff
-Koloff Career Archive
'Iron' Mike Koncur
Sandor Kovacs
-Kovacs Career Archive
Wladek 'Killer' Kowalski
-Kowalski Career Archive
Nick & Jerry Kozak
Steve Kozak
'Cowboy' Dan Kroffat
Killer Karl Krupp
Glenn Kulka
Kurrgan (Robert Maillet)
Phil Lafon (Dan Kroffat)
Buddy Lane
Cowboy Frankie Lane
Bob 'Legs' Langevin
Tony Lanza
Herb Larson
Jack Laskin
Louis 'The Farmer' Laurence
John and Lord Athol Layton
Jean Ledoux
Jos Leduc
Paul Leduc
Sky Hi Lee (Robert Leedy)
Pierre 'Mad Dog' Lefebvre
George Little (Dan McLeod)
Steven Little Bear
Cheif Little Wolf
Little Brutus (Bob Loucks)
Danny Littlewolf (Danny Marsh)
Bernie "The Cat" Livingston
Bob & Paul Lortie
Don Lortie
Ron Logue
Mike Lozanski
Hartford Love (Wes Hutchins)
-Hartford Love career record Reginald Love (Johnny Evans)
Bronko Lubich
Lumberjack Luke (Don Morrison)
Dr. Luther (Len Olson)
Billy Red Lyons
-Lyons Career Archive
Luigi Macera
'Silent' Brian Mackney
Harry Madison
Tom Magee
Omer Marchessault (Masked Marvel)
Bob & Joe Marcus
Flying Bobby Marshall (Marshall Caplan)
Michel Martel
Rick Martel
-Rick Martel Career Archive
Frenchy Martin
Pepper Martin
Luis Martinez
Deepak Massand
The Mauler (Stuart Brown)
Roy McClarty
Earl McCready
Bill McCullogh
Stu McCullum
Dano McDonald
Knobby McDonald
Tex McKenzie
Dave 'The Wildman' McKigney
Roy & Don McLarty
Dan McLeod
Pat McMahon
Duncan McTavish
Pat Meehan
-Meehan Career Archive
Al Mercier
Duke Meyers
Geto Mongol (Newton Tattrey)
Al Mills
Tiny Mills
Chuck Molnar
Ernie 'The Executioner' Moore
Larry Moquin
Terry Morgan
Moose Morowski
-Morowski Career Archive
Eddie & Gerry Morrow
-Gerry Morrow Career Archive
Angelo Mosca
-Mosca Career Record
The Great Mulumba
Skull Murphy
Duke Myers
Bronko Nagurski
-Nagurski Career Archive
Jim Neidhart
Art Neilson
Stan Neilson (Stan Holek)
Gord Nelson
-Nelson Career Archive
Dino Nero (Peppi DiPasquale)
Vance Nevada
Lou 'Shoulders' Newman
Al Oeming
Ole Olsen
Todd "Oly" Olsen
Bud & Ray Osborne
Danno O'Shocker (Jack Lloyd)
Shillelagh O'Sullivan (Pat McMahon)
Pierre Carl Ouellet
Louis Papineau
Tony Parisi
Bill Parks
Herb Parks
Reggie Parks
-Reggie Parks Career Archive
Pat Patterson
-Patterson Career Archive
Rick Patterson (Leatherface)
Stompin Paul Peller
Puppy Dog Peloquin
Chris Pepper
Big Stephen Petitpas
Bouncing Bobby Phillips
**** Phillips (Masked Marvel, Black Terror)
Brian Pillman
Dave Pinsky
Roddy Piper
-Piper Career Archive
Lou Pitoscia
Gilles "The Fish" Poisson
Eric Pomeroy
Johnny Powers
Jean Pusie
Big John Quinn
-Quinn Career Archive
Big John Radocaj
The Renegade (Nelson Mayer)
Mad Dog Rex
Ernie Rheault
Chad Ripley
Ron Ritchie
-Ritchie Career Archive
Garry Robbins
Maurice Roberre
Yvon "Frenchy" Roberre
Yvon Robert
Yvon Robert Jr.
Buddy Roberts (Dale Hey)
Dewey Robertson (Missing Link)
-Robertson Career Archive
Goldie Rogers
Rip Rogers
Playboy Buddy Rose
Mike Roselli
Vic Rosettani
Armand Rougeau
Johnny & Jacques Sr. Rougeau
Jacques Rougeau Jr.
Raymond Rougeau
Dave Ruhl
Paddy Ryan
Serge Saumon (Serge Daigneault)
Dutch Savage
Jonathan "Fuzzy" Sayers
Hans Schmidt (Guy LaRose)
Baron Mikel Scicluna
George Scott
-George Scott Career Archive
Pat "Moose" Scott
Sandy Scott
-Sandy Scott Career Archive
Ernie Schwaab
Glamour Boy Shane Sewell
Ben & Mike Sharpe
Iron Mike Sharpe
The Original Sheik (Ed Farhat)
Verne Siebert
Sweet Daddy Siki
Terry Joe Silverspoon (John Parlett)
"Pretty Boy" Chuck Simms
Jimmy "Red" Simms
Dave Sims (Dave Pinkerton)
The Great Gama Singh
-Gama Singh Career Archive
Makhan Singh (Mike Shaw)
Tiger Ali Singh
Tiger Jeet Singh
Walter Sirois
Cyclone & Hurricane Smith
Davey Boy Smith
Johnny Smith
John Smith/Soldat Gorky (Walt Allen)
Spyder (James Sherwood)
The Spoiler (Don Jardine)
Billy Stack
Tom Stanton
Jet Star
Rotten Ron Starr
Shawn Stasiak
Stan Stasiak
Danny Steele
Jason Sterling
Ernie Stevens
Allan "Turk" Stewart
Robbie Stewart
Frank Stojack
Mike Stone (Mike Harris)
Lance Storm
Steve Strong / Steve DiSalvo
Steve Stryker
Beautiful Bruce Swayze
Bruiser Bob Sweetan (Bob Carson)
Freddie Sweetan
Jimmy Szikszay
Ed, Gerry & Joe Tardi
Kuroshio Taro (Ted Herbert)
Kenneth Tiger Tasker
Billy Taylor
Jack Taylor
-Taylor Career Archive
Big John Tenta (Golga, Earthquake)
Test (Andrew Martin)
Jeff Thomas
Frank "Scotty" Thompson
Chief Thunderbird
-Thunderbird Career Archive
Louie Tillet
O.J. 'Ossie' Timmins
Rick Titan (Rick Bognar)
Toyko Joe
John & Chris Tolos
-John Tolos Career Archive
Tiger 'Tweet Tweet' Tomasso
Al Tomko
Eugene Tremblay
Ron Trottier
Bad Benny Trudell
Billy Two Rivers
-Two Rivers Career Archive
Bob Tuck
"Rocket" Randy Tyler
Tarzan Tyler
The Tyrant
Mad Dog Vachon
-Mad Dog Vachon Career Archive
Paul Vachon
Frank Valois
Nelson Veilleux
Eric Von Brauner
Karl Von Brauner
Waldo von Erich
Kurt von Hess
Karl Von Stroheim
Adrian Walls
Sunny War Cloud
Phil Watson
Whipper Billy Watson
-Watson Career Archive
Eddie Watts
Bob Wayne
Chris Wayne (Chris Hennigar)
Mike Webster
Biff Wellington
George Wells
Sailor White
-White Career Archive
Billy Williams (Bill Boyington)
"Wildman" Gary Williams
The Wolfman (Willie Farkus)
Ryan Wood
Zakk Wylde
Adam Yawrenko (B.C. Hulk, Goliath)
Mike York
Yukon Eric
Dr. Zhivago (Hutch Thomas)
Abe Zvonkin


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Jun 26, 2005
Minnesota: Gopher State
I heard something on local sports radio that would lower my estimation of Eugenie Bouchard if it is true: they said she wants to go on a date with Justin Beiber!

Is this true? If so, (pardon me for saying so) but {pukie}.

Anyways, good luck to her tomorrow as she goes for the Wimbledon title.