gas leak in fort mcmurray


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May 21, 2006
looking for information on ammonia gas leak in fort mcmurray.
for 3 weeks nothing was done that is just not exceptable
and then theres Guy boutlier the enviroment minster , not doing anything even after a gas leak had sent several children to hospital.and then having the balls to say that he shutdown syncrude , man it took you 3 weeks of gas leaks many sick people and when it arrived in fort mcmurray still nothing was done .we find out that the equipment thats supposed to warn us was not functioning properly. then the guy whos supposed to be in charge leaves it up to syncrude to investigate themselves and explain what went wrong . but all i get from the local paper is this prays of what a wonderful job he has done he shut them down , yah after 3 weeks of gas leaks , and is this good enough i think not he should be charged with crimes against the people ,

whould like to hear some praise and some anti praise about how this was handled
p.s. remember the cn spill in wabamum and how he was going to be a do gooder , well some action here hey.and still nothing
easier to make money then make a difference


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May 21, 2006

syncrude and spills at yahoo,google etc
suncor ,albian etc
the fines are a joke. to me it would be devistating but to them the money is laughable
now public image thats what hurts


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Apr 5, 2006
Re: RE: gas leak in fort mcmurray

weldermill said:
well have 16 people read this so far but no replys
eveyrones shy or afraid of the bad oilmen

hold your horses, will you? its a slow day on freedominion. you might have to wait until tomorrow to find out how its all the Liberal's fault.


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Jun 27, 2004
Re: FART MAC - new name for leaky town??

I just heard some more on Edm news [globalTV]

There was supposed to be some big opening ceremony for an expansion that was just completed, but then a leak or sulpher gases stopped the show.

Apparently, there had been a leak where the residents complained of sore throats, and THEN Syncrude got on it and found a leak somewhere.

I don't know if this was the same leak as at the opening ceremony.
Looks like lots of leaks in "Fart Mac" - is that a good nicname now that these leaks occured?

The residents are a good indicator of poisenous gases, they usually complain. However, the idea is to PROTECT the residents, not use them like a canary in a coal mine.

Ha ha ha.
Not funny arsehole.
Sorry, but its a joke at least.
Ok, but its a deadly joke.
I know, thats what I am complaining about.