Eagles fan goes viral for resemblance to former Toronto mayor Rob Ford


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Oct 26, 2009
Eagles fan goes viral for resemblance to former Toronto mayor Rob Ford
Author of the article:Denette Wilford
Publishing date:Oct 11, 2022 • 22 hours ago • 1 minute read • 5 Comments
Split screen of Philadelphia Eagles fan and former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
A Philadelphia Eagles fan, left, and late former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. PHOTO BY TWITTER; JOE WARMINGTON/TORONTO SUN/POSTMEDIA NETWORK
The late, great Rob Ford has had a lot of lookalikes over the years.

But this latest twin of the former beloved Toronto mayor isn’t exactly late comedian Chris Farley.

If football aficionado RoFo had been a Philadelphia Eagles fan, this is what he could have looked like – though, admittedly, we don’t know exactly what ink Ford had going on under his jersey.

The photo of the unnamed man was shared on Twitter by the account @tatsthatgohard and has since gone viral for his resemblance to Ford.

Another account shared the post of Ford’s tattooed twin, captioning it, “He looks exactly like Ford.”

One person commented, “Now I believe Tupac out here too. Uncanny.”

Over on Twitter, one man asked incredulously, “Rob is alive?????”

Another added, “I’d party with that dude. Might be the last thing I do, but it would be fun.”

Ford died in 2016 at the age of 46, almost two years into his battle with cancer.

He served as Toronto’s mayor from December 2010 to November 2014, but his term was plagued by controversy including his 2013 crack cocaine scandal that gave him international notoriety.