Dawson College in Montreal goes ahead with in-person exams, warns students that they will flunk if they don’t show up

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May 20, 2007
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I agree that the College can and should ask students to show up in person to write their exams. That they can do and they can also flunk anyone who doesn’t show up.

What they can’t do is flunk anyone who doesn’t wear a mask. Anyone can refuse you entry into a building if you refuse to wear a mask, However by law, they cannot penalize you in an way because you for whatever reason refuse to put a mask on. No one can force you to do this.

Last fall I got a letter informing me that I was summoned for jury duty. I showed up at the courthouse, but with no mask. As a steadfast anti-masker, I will not wear a mask and have yet to spend one black cent on any mask. The security guards refused to let me into the building, so I missed my appointment. I tried contacting the courthouse, but was brushed aside, so I went on with my merry way. Then I was re-summoned a second time and I called the courthouse by phone. I told the clerk that I was denied entry to the courthouse the first time as I refused to wear a mask and will never wear one. She told me that I would be contacted again. I subsequently got a third letter informing me that I was excused from jury duty.

The moral of all this is to let anti-masker students know that no one can force them to wear a mask anytime. They should show up to write their exams. If the college refuses to let them in, then the College has to somehow accommodate them to let them write their exams. They can be denied entry into a building, but they cannot, I repeat, cannot be penalized in any way for refusing to wear a mask.

Dawson College to flunk students who don’t show up


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Oct 9, 2004
The High Court (or is it the Supreme Court?) has just ruled in the UK that forcing pupils to wear masks in school - as has been happening - is a breach of their human rights.
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