CHUM goes to CTV, Rogers


Council Member
Feb 3, 2007
So what yall think of CTVglobemedia Inc. buying out CHUM Limited.

I looks as if the CRTC is going to approve the A-Channels going to Rogers, and Citytv Vancouver, and Citytv Toronto to CTV for sure.

Citytv Calgary and Citytv Edmonton will go to CTV if the CRTC gives CH Red Deer local status in Edm/Calg. If they do not give CH Red Deer local status then the Citytvs in Calgary in Edmonton will go somewhere else but Access Alberta will be owned by CTV

Citytv Winnipeg will probably go independent.

SexTV going to Rogers and all the other CHUM cable channels going to CTV.

God I hate this CTV empire..

Well I have to be honest, I hated the 'hip/new age' feel to Citytv and most of the American programming you guys picked up was the scraps.