Chris Pronger - Canada's newest Pariah!


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Dec 6, 2004
Whitby, Ontario
After such a great season in Edmonton where you come within a couple goals of a Stanley Cup, Chris Pronger wants out of E-Town.

I don't think I've ever seen a pro player go from God like to the reincarnation of the devil in under a week.

The reason for this isn't the money, but apparently his wife cannot stand living in Edmonton and Canada and would like to go back to her native St. Louis.

I guess Edmonton lacked the thrill of living in St. Louis; the odds of getting shot, stabbed, car jacked or raped weren't high enough in quiet and civil Edmonton. What is this woman's problem? She's rich and she lives near the world's largest mall. I know this would make my wife happy!

What I can't understand is how he has the audacity to sign a long term deal in Edmonton citing that playing in Canada was important to him, only to bolt a year later.

Once again, this shows that Canadian hockey players should not form matrimonial unions, let alone procreate with Americans females.

It's Janet Jones-Gretzky all over again.


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Aug 30, 2005
Do you have a link or a story,

or do you want us to look it up. I have confirmed that Pronger has indeed asked to be traded. There are rumours that Peca might also be feeling iffy. It's funny. All other things being equal, I would have thought that Edmonton would have been preferable to place like St. Louis, or New York, for a young family. Both of these players are in the second half of their careers and with salary caps, other teams will be careful where they put their money. I know I would.


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Feb 23, 2006
Re: RE: Chris Pronger - Canada's newest Pariah!

Mogz said:
F.uck him and his mullet.

Edmonton is a mullet-free zone. Time for him to go.