China Regime’s Tough Talk Against U.S. is to Mask its Fragility: Sen. Marsha Blackburn


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Apr 11, 2020

China Regime’s Tough Talk Against U.S. is to Mask its Fragility: Sen. Marsha Blackburn​

“Chinese would push as far as they can to steal your intellectual property until you slap their hands, and you call them out on it,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said of her past encounters with China’s regime. This tendency to violate and exploit unceasingly, until its ‘hand gets slapped,’ is reflected in the CCP’s human rights abuses and its behavior in relation to the pandemic. But in these cases, its hand has yet to be slapped. “Since the Biden administration has been so lax on the Chinese Communist Party, you're seeing U.S. corporations and celebrities that are following suit,” Sen. Blackburn said. With 18 months now passed and an estimated 4 million dead across the world, including over 620,000 Americans, serious action to investigate the Wuhan lab-leak origin of the coronavirus is yet to be taken. “We have to know why the Chinese communists hid information, why they destroyed evidence, why they prohibited investigators from getting into that lab. Why they have stopped the investigations into the origins of the COVID-19 virus, because we do not ever want this to happen again.” —Sen. Marsha Blackburn


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Sep 6, 2015
Olympus Mons
China talks tough but is actually quite nervous about engaging the US in any kind of open conventional war and here's why. China's military and their combat systems have no real world testing. The US OTOH has been testing and perfecting its combat systems routinely ever since they entered the Second World War. And by comabt systems I don't just mean electronics and weapons but also tactics and procedures etc.