Book - The Brain that Changes Itself


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Jun 27, 2004
Dr. David Doidge wrote a brilliant book that is easily understandable despite the scientific nature of the topic - our brain. It is called "The Brain That Changes Itself" .

He starts out with an example of a miraculous bit of science that helped a woman overcome the loss of here balance machanism [in the ears] by using a device that sits on her tongue to help her find her balance.

He also covers learning disabilities and shows us how the brain works and how almost any part of the brain can take over any other task.

Plasticity is the term for the brain that changes. "Neuroplasticians" are helping kids and adults overcome various problems that were once thought to be permanent.

Autism has been mapped out in the brain and now help is available... cure rates are high...

A computer run program called Fast ForWord is helping kids with reading problems.

Dr. Doidge explains how PORN creates addictive and unhealthy brain activity, and why TV watching affects the attention of toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3, and that is likely the explanation for the rise in ADD - attention deficit dosorder - in the boomer's kids and beyond. One hour a day of TV in toddlers increases ADD by 10% , and he has mapped the brain to prove it.
{K - {HA!!! i knew it!! now I can tell my ex-wife I was right!! - I am just bitter....

Interestingly, just reading this book might make our brains work better!!